AI's capability of declaring war

  • I don't appreciate how the AI seems to declare war on me for no reason. Almost seems easier to play and conquer the world when there are real players as IK they won't randomly declare war on me for attacking someone else. I think two suggestions that would be a great improvement to the game are that there should be a system/note to the player alerting them of why an AI declared war on them as well as a way to use diplomacy with one. I don't like how some AI randomly give you right of way while others declare war or impose trade embargoes on you. A better system would allow a player to know why an AI chooses to impose certain diplomatic affairs on them and for the player to influence an AI so that they can either get peace with one or trade certain things.

    The other suggestion would be to change the AI behaviour to that they don't feel as negative towards a player when the player attacks another country. I find it especially odd when an AI seems to declare war on me and when I go to attack them back the other AI in the game get mad at me and declare war on me as well.

    Please LMK how you feel about my suggestions and maybe what you would do to fix this issue!

    Thank you:)

    (p.s. IK that declaring war IRL would make countries choose sides and declare war on the attacking country more often, although this is a game that sure is meant to be realistic, yet should also be fun and help the player focus on fighting battles more instead of staying turtled up.)

  • Hey Watson, I understand your frustration but try upping your popularity so they won't declare war on you. Trades on the stock market help. Offering ROW will help, etc.

    Historically though, if you check how WW 1 became a world war you will see it was because of a tangled web of treaties.

  • Watson you are likely an honorable good human, since you asked for comment letting you know what we think about your comments > Please do not be offended, I would never say this before until you had asked so I give you my humble opinion... and I could simply block you so I do not have to see your posts.., (I am not complaining)

    In my opinion you are NOOB that spends too much time here whining and complaining about a game you do not comprehend, since there is one in every crowd, I have to assume you are the proverbial 'squeaky wheel' always complaining in most any environment you are part of and your complaints are falling on dead ears... same energy could be better used learning the game mechanics, IMO...

    Please take my word for it, I have wasted far too much energy and frustration here in a virtual game reality and I have lost sleep at night playing SPEED maps, fought golden whales and cheaters, and waited 72 hours for predefined responses to reports I file... and I would like to see you avoid taking the road I have taken to come to the obvious conclusion of > Bytro will only change what makes their profit margarine increase.... I always try to calm myself with an old Abraham Lincoln - Quote - "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt..." ;)

    Good Luck, have fun, enjoy games

    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

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  • Agreed. :thumbup:Hastings TNT.

    No sacrifice, No victory!

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  • Frank, bans are not allowed to be discussed in chat and I can almost guarantee they're not allowed to be discussed here. Best thing to do is drop it and move on.

    Agreed. That's what mods told me before. Strictly rules, but have to obey... Okie, let's move on.

    No sacrifice, No victory!