[S1] Mobilization II - iOS Beta Release

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    Dear generals,

    we are very excited to announce that Supremacy 1: The Great War is now also open for beta testing on iOS!

    To sign up as a beta tester you will first have to install Apple's TestFlight app which is free to use and available from the App Store. Afterwards, simply tap on the following link and choose "open in TestFlight": https://testflight.apple.com/join/rrtZIJPJ

    Make sure to use your existing Supremacy 1 account to play the game on iOS by tapping “Login” instead of “Play” when opening the game for the first time. There also will be no reset after the beta! You will not lose any progress on your statistics or anything else with the transition from the beta version to the release version of the app.

    We encourage you to send us your feedback! While using the Supremacy 1 app, simply take a screenshot of the issue in question, open the image and select "done". You can now use the "Share Beta Feedback..." option to add a short report and submit it.

    We hope you enjoy the mobile experience on iOS and thank you in advance for helping us further improve the game!

    Your Bytro team