Animated/Old Film Windows-Basically pop up windows that display before a battle, and the possible outcome afterwards

  • You know what would be great to see? I know this may just be for aesthetic purposes, but whenever you are sending soldiers to a province, the ''soldier'' should be marching or if they are in a fight they could be firing, it should allow you to view a mini window showing the battle has started and when they win/or lose it will display an "aftermath" window that they celebrate/retreat/or are defeated in action same with the other units. Only if it can be made decently, and not be too much trouble to just add some "life" to the game so to speak. To further elaborate, as for "retreating" I know that actually isn't a mechanic, but for that part a window should pop up with the remnants of a defeated army only running a few paces into a forest but be followed by the opposing army shooting into the woods. People who play would also be, a bit more intrigued in their battles, and the windows could be expanded like with different outcomes as to not be "boring" or "repetitive" A nice minor add-on/feature with the ability to toggle on/off if the player so chooses.

  • It's a cute idea and I'm sure that a few of the Dev's would like it also because it basically guarantees employment for them for quite awhile. (Coming up with the graphics, getting rights for certain graphics, then developing animation with potential outcomes being victory, defeat or stalemate. I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I suspect your chances of this are pretty close to Zero to nil. Besides, they already have more than enough to do with trying to trace down all the bugs developed just from their latest update, not to mention all the ones they know about and are busy trying to fix.

  • Yeah I see what you are saying, but I at least hope they or one of them will see this and make a note of this, as it could also help the game tenfold in the long run, recognition of this is the bear-minimum that I want, but to actually go in for development of this idea? That would be thrilling after a successful fight you get to see your troops celebrate, the way they have it in the newspaper is still "realistic" but plain, I would want them to make the game a bit more excitable with this feature, but as of now they are doing all that they can with what they have.

  • Wait, are you talking about Supremacy 1 game or Supremacy 1914 game? They don't really share the same features.

    I saw your this comment posted in the other post, but is supremacy 1. So I'm confused.

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  • Yes sorry I mean't for Supremacy 1914, sorry I was being vague and didn't specify in the thread

    It's fine. Your post is in the right position, under Supremacy 1914 discussion. I was refer to the one you posted before, that was under Supremacy 1 discussion, so I got confused. Now you are good to go. A really good suggestion btw, hope Bytro can take a look.

    No sacrifice, No victory!