Alliance match call out!

  • Supernova (SUPV) is actively looking for a competitor for our first alliance match. I figured people putting their alliance out there would accept a direct callout, but no, I found out people are scared to take risks. I am quite confident in my guys ability, and would like to challenge anyone reading to a 5v5 or something similar kind of battle......

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    Message me if interested.

    Leader of Supernova (SUPV) alliance.

  • Hello,

    Suggestions: You can battle against Albrecht.von.Roon's alliance. Several alliances have already battled with him, and they all lost. If you think your alliance is stronger, and wants to try a strong enemy, I recommend roon mate's alliance. ^^

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  • Our first alliance game will be played beginning next week.

    Opponent to be announced later.

    I am personally very excited to try this new element of the game.

    Can anyone explain to me the difference between alliance games & normal team up games if any?

    Leader of Supernova (SUPV) alliance.

  • FastFrosty Alliance maps are traditionally different in that it is a team scenario, 5v5 or 4v4 and NO GOLD USE is the gentleman's agreement, basically you have a leader of the battle which co-ordinates the other members on his team, One general leading 5 countries, sharing resources and giving each country their individual and group duties , most also give each country a build schedule and then all resources are disbursed according to what is the Battle plan. there are other nuances as well, when I started I was taught to never attack AI countries, but I have seen alliance battles since which opponents did exactly what I was trained to never do... Anyhow Alliance battle maps are best tool ever for training and teaching newbie or low skilled players to play properly without use of Gold.

    For normal maps it is usually each man for themselves, and you pick your team based solely on how well they are doing in the map or how they can contribute to the coalition...


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