[S1] Codename Version 14 - Release Notes 2020-07-14

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    Codename Version 14

    Or how we call it “The five level update”

    The Great War was a war of modern weapons. Each of them had a specific purpose and it required clever strategies or engineering to counter these weapons. In Supremacy 1 we reflect that with the big variety of units available, where every unit is able to counter at least one other unit very efficiently. Not every weapon was available from the beginning of the war, that delay made the units really hard to compare since they had different amounts of levels and a different power growth than their competitors that were available from day one.

    This balancing update makes all units easier to compare by giving all unit’s five researchable levels instead of four to six, making the unit's strength on the map easier to compare. A unit that is available on day 1 has similar power at level 5 as a level 5 unit that gets unlocked at day 5.

    Research for units that are available from day one are a bit cheaper but take much longer time to research at higher levels. That way you can use more resources to build your economy without the need to save so much for the research.

    The new balancing incorporates the economic abilities of a nation at different stages of the game and diversifies the strategic options available to players. You can opt for maxing out units available early in the game over a longer period of time, or develop your nation first and catch up with more costly units that become available later in the game, but can be maxed out much faster.

    In addition to “The five level update”, today’s release implements a lot more to Supremacy 1: The Great War! For a complete overview of all features, updates and bug fixes, please see the list below:

    Five Level Update:

    • All units have 5 levels now
    • Production time
      • The production time was increased for level 1 units and the production time curve for higher levels adjusted.
      • Overall, the production time needed was reduced.
    • Production cost
      • The production cost growth was slightly adjusted.
      • Overall, production costs and upkeep costs were reduced and one level for day one units was removed.
    • Power growth
      • All units strengths were adjusted to be more comparable on level 1 to 5.
      • The power growth between level 2 and 3 was slightly increased.
    • Unit speed
      • Units speeds were allocated among 5 levels. Speeds at the first and last levels stay the same.
    • Withdrawal and suppression
      • Withdrawal chances were slightly increased and adjusted to match 5 unit levels.
      • Suppression values were adjusted to match 5 unit levels.
    • Research time
      • Research times for day 1 units are very high.
      • Research times for day 3 units were drastically decreased and even more for day 5 units
    • Research cost
      • Research costs for day 1 units were drastically decreased.
      • Research costs for day 3 units are lower than for day 1 units, and even lower for day 5 units.


    • The way revolts are calculated in the game was adjusted.
      • A province with a morale of 0% requires an army strength of 40 to completely suppress a revolt.
      • A newly captured province with a morale of 15% requires an army strength of 20 to completely suppress a revolt.
      • Revolts only occur in provinces with a morale of 30% or less.
    • The army and province info popups were improved to better highlight important information and increase user experience on iOS and Android.
    • The army and province info popup UI was improved to increase usability and user experience on iOS and Android.
    • The appearance of the Assault Infantry was overhauled.
    • Resources are no longer displayed in the header when a player switches to a view outside a game round (e.g. the overview screen).
    • Games are now sorted by last login in the My Games tab. You find the most recent game round at the top of the list.
    • The size of gas clouds was increased to better match their area of effect.
    • We replaced several assets of units with high definition versions to avoid units looking blurry when zoomed in on closely on the map.
    • We adjusted the appearance of propaganda offices in the game, to make them more distinguishable from Barracks.
    • The Ranking screen is now directly accessible from game rounds.
      • An info button was added to explain how players can influence their ranking in the game.
    • Gold rewards were adjusted to match the games balancing and reflect recent changes to shop prizes.
    • Several new music tracks were added to the Supremacy 1 soundtrack.
      • You can find all new and existing tracks on this playlist on our Youtube channel.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Several bugs on the tutorial map were fixed.
    • The image in the building details of harbours no longer shows the German WWII warship Bismarck. The new ship displayed is the German Flagship Friedrich der Große.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the revolt chance of a province to be displayed incorrectly in the province morale tooltip.
    • A synchronization error was fixed that appeared when a player tried to attack an army based on outdated espionage intel.

    We hope you like this balancing update and all the other improvements to Supremacy 1: The Great War! May they help you to be victorious in all your future battles!

    Your Bytro Team