[S1914] Release Notes - 2020-07-14

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release implements a new way revolts are calculated in Supremacy 1914. Revolts will still be a thing, but dealing with them becomes more manageable.

    A new button was added to all game rounds too, allowing you to directly access the ranking screen from within a match, allowing you to closely monitor your progression and directly compare it with other players. You will find helpful information on how to influence your ranking in Supremacy 1914 by clicking or tapping the info button next to a players Rank.

    Some new music tracks were added to the soundtrack of Supremacy 1914 too, adding more atmosphere to the game. There are more updates and bug fixes that were implemented with this release, for a complete overview please check the list below:


    • Resources are no longer displayed in the header when a player switches to a view outside a game round (e.g. the overview screen).
    • The army strength needed to suppress a revolt was decreased.
      • The army strength needed to suppress a revolt completely in a province with 25% morale is 6 now.
    • Games are now sorted by last login in the My Games tab. You find the most recent game round at the top of the list.
    • The Ranking screen is now directly accessible from game rounds.
      • An info button was added to explain how players can influence their ranking in the game.

    Bug Fixes

    • A bug was fixed that caused the revolt chance of a province to be displayed incorrectly in the province morale tooltip.
    • A synchronization error was fixed that appeared when a player tried to attack an army based on outdated espionage intel.

    We hope you like all these changes and wish you best of luck on the battlefield.

    Your Bytro Team

  • Yes Narmer, they fixed it, finally. Question is now what else is broken?

    High Command Fire control is now broken , try setting any range unit on offensive fire control, also units like arty being fired upon do not return fire.. just a couple new broken mechanics.

    Many of these 'updates / patch note and fix's" are surely a desire of Bytro to break the Flower defense which rely's upon the defensive stance of the unit combined with the forts deflection of damage to work.... so rather than stop account pushing and suicide multi's we stop the players using advanced tactics only option other than gold use to defeat these low skill players that will never learn or even read the game manual... another Great UPDATE :)


    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

  • Since the update with 10% units trade was dismiss all other update give and give spammer more and more advantages. That politic money and money nothing else. And best is update alwalys doesn't work like the update it alwalys more bugs there we're left. What next update that can go a map use gm? be my guests then a lot free user will go and tell bye bye.

    Fix something that you guys broke doesn't make game like use to be.

    And for information I had 6 units and still revolt so is fixed:))))))))))))) . Make my laugh that all and sad . Sad because game running is past was decent and every player had a change. At time most ppl leave map if they see a spammer, even can kill him easy. The 4x 100 map my spammer left after I killed his spammed army of 60 fighter/1 railgun/1 heavy tank with 5 fighter's and 7 inf my lose. Spammer in 90% have 0 skills just spamming units out, even a children of 5 year with 10% units trade killed a spammer easy if show what to do. But of course they bring the money so let's stop talking about them and go to back the fixed game bugs that are not 100% fixed.

    Enforcer(Angel of Death)b78//+