the fate of game

  • I am an old player, that I was on the old forum (you remember the image at the top of the forum with written supremacy 1914, a forum all in my native language, oh well, just remember). I think Bytro is making the same mistake for the other supremacy, that COW ... and the thing that I regret the most and that I had an old account, with 200k of GM gifts from the bytro ... it's nice but ... boring, in my game i saw italy and france declaring war but ... they don't attack. Belgium, Holland, Switzerland are attacked but those two do not attack. Indeed I think they are all still. A few old strategies still work in this version (at least that). But I played an Italian browser game, which S1914, SWW1 and COW would eat it for breakfast, the only problem is that it failed because:

    1) first two servers: nobody donated. and closed to sell the game (2006/2010)

    2) the new manager was an incompetent (2011/14)

    But this game was MUCH deeper than the 3 bytro games and had collected 1500 AD users WITHOUT ADVERTISING. I repeat: without advertising! Only by word of mouth!

    -The game was set up in the 1940s and 1950s.

    -You can move troops freely (not on preset lines).

    -you had a total of 23/24 types of troops (between land / sea and air)

    -there were the cities and not the provinces (do you want to start from a village in germany and conquer all bavaria? you can do it! especially if you have allies)

    -Live and active community (especially in forums, every day many new posts / threads)

    -guerre with a lot of roleplay.

    If only that game had the funds that bytro paid even 1 year to make one of the 3 games, we would all be playing that now. This makes me very sad: A game full of news and strategy that dies mainly due to lack of funds and games with a lot of funds and potential (bytro games) that due to a "fearful" or "lazy" class class does not want to innovate the game. Perhaps the only company (but does not make online games, but PC games) that innovates (sometimes even wrongly) is Paradox. With games of the caliber of Europa universalis 4, Hearts of iron 4 and many others.b78//+