• Hello Everyone,

    I'm glad to announce that after quite a long nap, the most known Legion of this game is back to Business!

    We have just started a slow but steady alliance restructuring process which we hope it will bring us back to where we left things, 48 alliance games, 48 victories and the will to affirm the Alliance as the best one that this game has ever had.

    We have open the recruitment again and we are now looking for either very experience and skillfull players or new but very promising ones. As per our tradition, players who join the alliance, usually do that with the internal rank of "Recruit" and then they try to achieve higher internal ranks such as "Legionnaire", "Centurion" or "General". Ranks exceptions can be make on extraordinary basis.

    Skype is mandatory.

    No GMs or Multyaccounts allowed.

    Official Internal Alliance Hierarchy below:

    1) Iug (Alliance Leader)

    2) ll.Barone.Rosso (General)

    3) Fanthos (General)

    4) Zama Zetton (Centurion)

    5) Max_777 (Centurion)

    6) ErmiR-ALB (Centurion)

    7) xremolo (Centurion)

    8 )Karlack (Centurion)

    9 ) SuperneT1 (Centurion)

    10) 99John99 (Centurion)

    11) ScruffyMcburgerballz (Centurion)

    12) Brady.Jameson (Centurion)

    13) King1983gen (Legionnaire)

    14) Doncastrese (Legionnaire)

    15) Bloody Juli (Legionnaire)

    16) Fatheyzahran (Legionnaire)

    17) D3athAngel (Legionnaire)

    18) Pio Benvenutti (Recruit)

    19) Queen Vale Ferraro I (Recruit)

    21) Sharpeh (Recruit)

    22) CSJ (Recruit)

    23) Airfire76 (Recruit)

    We hope to be ready for alliance challanges as well soon.

    We have been working to arrange a recruiting game too. if interested, please drop me a private message in game and i'll provide you with game number, password and starting date.

    Long Life to the Hell Legion.

    Iug, The Hell Legion Alliance Leader

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