[S1] New Map and Mobile Launch - Release Notes

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release marks the public launch of the Supremacy 1 mobile app for iOS and Android! Head over to the respective store page now and download the app on the device of your choice. To celebrate this milestone we also include lots of changes and new content in today’s release: new units and buildings, a new map and further improvements to the UI on mobile!

    The new detailed historical world map “Fall of Empires” puts up to 28 players on a global stage. Fight for your nation on all continents, protect your overseas territories or establish an empire on which the sun never sets!

    The new Super Heavy Tank brings additional strategic options to the battlefield. Use this behemoth and its remarkable durability to wear down your enemies over time or bypass them to attack them from the back lines.

    Last but not least we moved on with our rework of the user interface on mobile to improve the readability and usability of the UI in terms of visual hierarchy, grouping of elements, information display and distinguishability of input/interaction points. Today’s release also includes the improved versions of the army and province bar on Android and iOS.

    These are only the highlights of today's release. Please find a complete overview of all updates, adjustments and bug fixes in the list below:

    New Features:

    • The new map “Fall of Empires” was released to Supremacy 1.
      • “Fall of Empires” is a detailed historical world map for 2-28 players.
      • On this new map you face your opponents on every continent, turning each match into a truly global conflict.
      • “Fall of Empires” encourages unique play styles for each nation: Especially imperial empires like Britain play significantly differently compared to "compact" nations such as Argentina.
      • Provinces are not equal in importance: Urban provinces are of high value in terms of money income, some provinces are economic centers while other provinces are of high strategic value featuring bonus victory points for the player controlling them
    • The new Super Heavy Tank was released to Supremacy 1.
      • The Super Heavy Tank extends the range of heavy units as a powerful elite unit.
      • The tank features the highest amount of hitpoints in S1, allowing it to survive even the fiercest battle.
      • Enemies fighting this behemoth will find themselves locked in combat - allowing the tank commander to bring in reinforcements or bypass the battlefield and attack the back lines.
      • When sending Super Heavy Tanks to the front, keep in mind that they have a hard time moving through mountains, swamps and urban terrain.
    • We introduced a new building: the Airstrip
      • Airstrips allow you to land, refuel and start planes, but don’t allow you to build them there.


    • A new UI style was implemented for Android and iOS
      • The new style improves the readability and usability of the UI by improving the visual hierarchy, grouping of elements, information display, distinguishability of input/interaction points.
      • We reinforced the game’s theme through the UI with the use of appropriate textures, shapes, images and other decorative design elements.
      • We improved the style consistency of the UI in general.
      • The new style improves text contrast and makes buttons stand out more.
      • We reduced the number of steps required for carrying out certain actions.
    • The army bar was improved and matches the new UI style.
    • The province bar was improved and matches the new UI style.


    • Only close allies block 3rd party units from conquering an ally’s province.
      • Nations with “shared map” or “shared intelligence” block 3rd party units from conquering provinces, while nations with “right of way” don’t do so anymore. This change was made to address the issue that 3rd party units were blocked from conquering provinces when their ally had “right of way” with the attacked nation.
    • We made changes to the resource production of provinces on the “Europe 1914” map:
      • We decreased resource production in ‘double production’ provinces from 12,000 to 9,000.
    • We increased resource production in ‘normal provinces’ from 2,000 to 4,000.
    • We have adjusted the Russian provinces on the “Europe 1914” map to fill the full map and removed some neutral provinces in the process.
    • The appearance of Assault Infantry units was reworked.
    • The sub-heading in the army bar now states “Under Attack” instead of “Attacking” when a unit is under attack and has no attacking target.
    • Images of all units were replaced by high definition images to avoid blurry effects when zoomed in to the closest level.
    • Image quality is now automatically adjusted according to the memory available with a device to improve performance.
    • Explanatory headers were added to the buy and sell tables of the stock market on mobile.
    • Buy and sell tables of the stock market on mobile now have expandable panels to hide/show offers.
    • Victory Points shown on the map now have the same style as the Victory Point icons and are displayed slightly bigger.
    • “Army Strength” was renamed to “Garrison Strength” in the province morale tooltip to make it clearer that the strength needed to suppress a revolt is calculated differently from the army strength.
    • The app on Android and iOS was renamed to “Supremacy 1” to make it easier for players to immediately identify/find the app on their mobile devices.
    • We reworked the display of province centers to be more prominently visible. The 'metal caps' now used to indicate province centers will change size and style when fortifications are also built in the respective province.
    • The collapsible “More Info” description of the morale section was updated and set to expand by default to make sure that players don’t miss vital information.
    • The Game Manual was removed from the head-up display (HUD) on Android and iOS. It can now be opened from the “more” button of the main menu bar.
    • A “Sign in with Apple” option was added for desktop and mobile.
    • Additional starting units were added to the Tutorial map.

    Bug fixes:

    • A bug was fixed that caused the displayed production time and the actual production time on speed maps to not be consistent. The displayed production time now matches the actual production time on speed maps.
    • A bug was fixed that could cause victory points to be hidden in the resource bar when the game was played at certain resolutions on desktop.
    • An issue was resolved that caused units to be displayed in an incorrect size on desktop and mobile.
    • A bug was fixed that could prevent players from finishing the advisor task “Build Armored Car (lvl1)”.
    • An issue was resolved that prevented units from being displayed in one of the tutorial steps due to an incorrect zoom level.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the wrong image for propaganda offices to be displayed in the constructional menu on desktop.
    • Multiple typos were fixed in the EN version of the game.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented vital information in the game info panel from being displayed. Game info panels now display all available information again.

    For the new “Fall of Empires” map we are looking for active, dedicated Supremacy 1 players who would like to help us by participating in a vicious, intense and ambitious test round. If you are an active Supremacy 1 veteran, fluent in English, think you are able to find every single flaw on that new map and have a Discord account, please apply through this form right now (until August 13th 2020 at 09:00 am CEST!!!).

    We hope you enjoy the launch version of Supremacy 1 on Android and iOS and wish you best of luck on the new “Fall of Empires” map!

    Your Bytro Team

  • I like the direction that Bytro has taken, thou i don't like them cloning all their games just using different periods (i'm talking about that ww2 game in Steam, current Great War build looks exactly like it.