Regarding Propaganda Offices

  • "The Propaganda Office has positive influence on the province's morale trend and the money production. It is crucial in increasing province morale and in preventing rebellions. Leveling up the Propaganda Office increases the positive influence on the morale trend. Morale values of provinces are updated at day change."

    The description suggests the Propaganda Office has a direct impact on money production. However, no direct impact is listed in the modifiers, suggesting that the impact on money production is only an indirect result of having higher morale in the province.

    Which is true?

  • Propaganda Offices does increase cash production as well as morale. On PC currently you can not see this directly. On mobile you can actually see that Propaganda Offices increases the cash production.

    Morale does also increase production yes. Infrastructure actually won't increase cash production.

  • What I have so far:

    Lv0 @ 50% = 874

    Lv1 @ 62% = 10,237

    Lv2 @ 66% = 13,799

    Lv3 @ 80% = 36,337

    Lv4 @ 80% = 40,500

    Lv5 @ 100% = 67,500

    And just for the sake of completion, I confirm that infrastructure has no direct effect on monetary income.

    I won't create new posts with updates, but will edit this thread, for my own record keeping, if nothing else.