Having a Discussion on Discord about this.

  • Please explain to me exactly what Account Pushing is and how that works to ban people?

    For example, I've just been told that if I trade OIL or whatever to one of my coalition mates who needs it for either Shared Map or Shared Intel that it constitutes account pushing even if when I need a resource I get whatever and give SM or SI.

  • Account pushing is clearly > someone entering the map and simply giving their country province and resources to another player, or it could be someone sing their units to suicide on another player allowing a 3rd player to take their vacant provinces without a struggle or losing any units in the taking...who on team can quantify what is the value of resources traded, especially early map versus late in map? Technically if you give one silver coin for a province you have made a trade and can not fall prey to accusations of "account pushing".

    It seems impossible to convince Bytro to take punitive action against such cheaters when this "account pushing" takes place even with screen shots, and evidence from the newspaper or messages, IMO it is a matter of popularity > some players crying about it and if they are in "favor' with certain members they will get action, if you however are out of such "favor' you will only get ignored.

    Going one step further , I would ask what is "wolf-packing' which definitely happens, and how can one prove it , what evidence is required to be considered as sufficient evidence???

    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!