[S1] Map Rework - Patch Notes

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s update brings a major map visual overhaul for Supremacy 1! Countries and their borders are much easier to distinguish from one another, potential revolts are visualized on the map, connections can be seen much easier and selected provinces are highlighted much clearer on the map now.

    We also introduced a big number of quality of life improvements and bug fixes for our mobile generals and made several balancing adjustments to the game. One major change for example is that tutorial game rounds now run up to 20 days instead of 15 days.

    For a complete overview over all changes of today’s update please see the list below:


    • To make it easier to distinguish countries from one another on the map, country borders were adjusted.
      • Country borders are now more prominent through size, color saturation and a drop shadow.
      • At far zoom levels, an inner glow / color gradient was added to a country's border.
      • The saturation of the country colors now increases when zooming out and decreases again when zooming in to make sure that terrain is still visible at lower zoom levels.
    • Terrain
      • In order to make the map more easily readable at far zoom levels we made the terrain graphics more prominent when zoomed in and less prominent when zoomed out.
    • Connections
      • The way connections are displayed was adjusted to improve readability of them. Connections on all terrains, especially on water, are now easier to see on the map.
    • Province selection
      • The province selection style was adjusted. Selected provinces are now highlighted clearer on the map.
    • Fog of War
      • We improved the style of the fog of war / vision range indicator.
    • Potential revolts in a province are now visualized on the map with a pulsing red outline.


    • Money was added to the upkeep costs of all level 3, 4 and 5 units (except spies, scouts and balloons).
    • Upkeep costs now do not include resources that are part of the production costs.
    • The main damage dealt by Artilleries and Howitzers was reduced.
    • The special weapon damage of Grenadiers (attack and defense) was increased.
    • The air damage of Balloons (attack and defense) was reduced.
    • The time limit for the tutorial map was increased. Maps now run up to 20 days instead of 15 days.
      • To balance the longer running time of the tutorial map the victory conditions were adjusted. Players now need 250 Victory Points for a solo victory and coalitions need 600 Victory Points for a team victory.
    • These balancing changes affect only newly created game rounds. Game rounds created before this update are not affected.


    • The split command popup was reworked and has the same style as the army bar.
      • The total value of each unit type is displayed in the popup now, to make it easier to evaluate the split armies.
    • On mobile, we added a clickable link to the “fighting” information in the army bar that selects the target army/province on the map.
    • We changed the wording in the buy/sell popup of the stock market to make it clearer who is the seller and who is the buyer.
    • We changed the resource bar on mobile to include the player's nation profile and relocated the Gold balance and button.
    • The capital indicator on Android and iOS was removed from the map, as capitals do not need a special indicator anymore to be highlighted as the capital of a country.
    • When adding a building or unit to the construction/production queue on mobile an information popup appears, should needed resources be missing.
    • An icon is displayed on units or buildings in the construction/production queue when needed resources are missing on Android and iOS.

    Bug fixes:

    • The description for High Command in the Supremacy 1 shop on mobile was adjusted to point out that the Building queue is a feature available with High Command membership.
    • An issue was resolved that caused offers at the edge of the screen from not disappearing and duplicating for some players on Android and iOS.

    We hope you like the new look of the map and all the other adjustments and bugfixes. We wish you best of luck on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team