Idk... just had a great idea in my head

  • So i was basically playing supremacy 1, then i just had a burst of ideas. I mean even after i left and started doing chores this idea kept bugging me and idk y but i feel like they could be helpful and fun. This is just a suggestion or idea that I think you could implement.

    pillage, destroy, or stabilize- basically when you capture a new or enemy province you have only a few options that are build, train, or station troops in it. However i think this feature i suggest may change that and even strategies may develop and change. With pillage, destroy, or stabilize your given more options to do with any province.

    1) pillage

    you basically have our troops raid the province and take some resources from the player ur attacking, this option is only available for any enemy province you conquer and can only be done once in that province, but it can be reset if the enemy reconquers it and holds it for 3+ days. It's the same as attacking an army however it would have a shield cracking, what happens is not only do you take some resources from the player ur attacking, but also u lower the morale overall as well as add a effect of demoralization, but also the only buildings getting damaged are economic and factories. The demoralization effect makes it so that the province can't have a moral higher than 50% for 4 days, but also it makes it harder to increase morale. However it reduces the hp from your units since you know people tend to fight back and also if the province is recaptured by the person that pillaged, then the morale wont go higher than 40% unitil the last enemy province has been captured or if you both sign for peace, not ceasefire.

    2) destroy

    The name is all u really need to know. It has the demoralization effect such as in pillage, but also it targets all buildings. With destruction, every building gets damaged, but it depends on the number of troops. Units damage certain buildings such as transportation, factories, economic, and military facilities. It has the same debuffs as the pillage, but the province will always rebel since people don't like their houses and roads being turned to dust, basically morale will always and never increase. the effects end such as in the pillage, however moral increase will be slowed down by 50%, making the province hard to stabilize

    3) Stabilize

    Basically the default, just the same as what we have, you can station, train and build.

    Yeah i hope these are helpful or at least entertaining enough to those reading this.