Let's talk about the UK

  • I'm sure we've all played at least one game in the new Fall of Empires map (which is really cool btw, i love playing with the whole world as the scenario) and noticed "isn't the UK way too big?" or "the UK is too OP". And you'd be right, it certainly is OP: it has territories in all continents (Great Britain/Ireland/Malta in Europe, the Raj and some of present day Malaysia in Asia, as well as some colonies sprinkled in Africa, Oceania and the Americas) and it starts as the player with the most provinces (~100) and with ~30% of the victory points needed to win.

    Hence, if it is so overpowered, how could we make it easier to deal with? I think the devs should make the British Raj into its own thing, just like they did with French Equatorial Africa. This would level the field a lot and would not be much of a burden to the UK, who would remain with a strong 50/60-ish provinces (which would keep it on a very respectable 5th place at the beginning).

    However, if this was not possible, there's still another option: the Princely States. These were not administered by the UK directly, so they could be added as an AI nation (picture related).

    So, what do you think? Feel free to comment any feedback you think of

    EDIT: After reading all of your messages, you've changed my mind: turns out UK's size plays against it, since

    1. Lots of territories means lots of bordering countries who will want a slice of your land

    2. The sheer amount of provinces and troops also makes it really hard to start expanding early on, since just going berserk will send you straight to poverty and lacking resources, which will lower your moral and just make you lose 7 provinces every day.

    However, i do have some nitpicks:

    1. Why is Gibraltar a 10 point province? They already start with enough points, and it doesn't make much sense that a literal rock is more rewarding (both in points and resources since it also produces chemicals) than, let's say, Córdoba (Argentina's second most populated city, only beaten by Buenos Aires) or Helsinki (the capital of a country, which only bears 5 points and no resources)

    2. Why is King Edward Point even a thing? I checked and, as of 2005, there are only 26 people living there; however, you did not add the channel islands (maybe the two could fall under the same province?), which are way more known, populated and relevant. They don't even serve as a pitstop for airplanes, making them overall irrelevant and easy to forget about

    Anyway, as said before, feel free to comment on your opinion.

  • I...hear you.

    I don't agree. I like the lack of starting balance on this map. The UK is difficult to beat, but it's also difficult to play. It has land on every continent, it's true, but I don't think it really controls any of it very well. I think it's too early to change the set up.

    It's not like the UK is impossible to beat. It's just...large, and as such, starts with more potential enemies than anyone else.

    Maybe the time comes when we can definitively say the UK needs to be changed, but I don't think that time is now and even if it were, I don't think taking away parts of the UK and just declaring it to be independent is the right answer. Maybe just combine provinces so the total number of provinces is lowered, but the total amount of land is not.

    The 28p offers a lot in terms of strategy. I'd hate to see it changed on a whim.

  • I actually agree, cause thou uk has a lotta land, its so spreaded out that the "advantage", is actually a disadvantage. Cause look not only is the uk going to have to focus on multiple parts, but also spread resources, be fighting a lot more, and even have to develop a huge navy making it close to unpossiblities. also uk is not over powered, USA is. They can easily defeat mexico and canada, but also they are basically a jugarnaut in the game a majority of the time

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  • I disagree. There is no balance on this map from the very beginning, which is good. Each country is good in its own way and needs a special approach. In particular, the UK only needs experienced players. In my personal experience, playing for Britain, first of all (the first 10-20 days of the game), you should start strengthening the economy and the army, without getting involved in any wars. In general, playing for Britain is really difficult.

    In Africa, sooner or later, South Africa will begin to seize its possessions. Iran / China / Indonesia claims India. Possessions in South America are being attacked by South American countries and so on.

    If they told me to write tips for playing this map, then I would definitely add the item "do not play for big countries". Playing for small countries, you only have advantages, you can deal with your economy and army for a long time. And at this time, large countries cannot concentrate on something specific, because they border on many countries, most of which just want to take a tidbit from their country. Playing as a small country, you will not meet this. At first, you will be underestimated and ignored at all. But the hour "X" has come. You have a powerful economy, a large army and you are completely ready to take over the world. You easily capture 2-3 large countries in a day and the rest of the map players will notice you. Moreover, they start to fear you. Some unknown guy playing for some small country took over several states with minimal losses. Agree, it would alert you

    I personally play now for Romania and my match went according to the scenario as I indicated earlier. Now I have the first place and will certainly be the winner of that match. And most importantly, I play without anyone's help, I play without coalitions. (I think I'm showing off ^^)


  • totally agree with you as well. Every nation has there advantages and disadvantages, bigger nations can either have too big of an empire or have to devote to many resources to keeping its empire. Thats y its a different strategy when ur trying to play the game with different nations. Bigger doesnt mean better which is in many times true, thou it does in supremacy 1914, just not in this game.

  • yeah, i gotta give you that. i have also played romania (in The Great War scenario) and ended up winning 1st place solo (not to showoff but hehe). After reading all of this thread's points, i think you may be right about the UK. it is really big, but that also means a lot of certain enemies (i've been in a game where uk was at war with 15 different countries lol)

  • To be honest, during my non-long-term playing here, I still haven't met an experienced player. Players lose to bots ...

    And those who manage to defeat the bots are at war with the rest of the players on the tactics of "spam conscripts" ...:/


  • I agree with the though that each country has it's strengths and weaknesses. I played my first round of Fall of Empires as the UK and found it both fun but challenging. You end up at war with 5+ countries fairly fast. And you have a lot of ground to defend and build up. I ended up capturing a decent amount of territory from countries who attacked me. Which lead to a high expansion penalty and had to spend several days and lots of resources building up morale and unable to expand anymore.

    I think the UK is fine as it is. It's rewarding but hard to play as and defend.

  • I think that France has a situation like the UK except much more manageable. France is smaller yet still the same strength as the UK in many ways, unlike the UK, France has a more centralized holding near Europe thats both easy to supply. Yeah its true every nation has weaknesses and strength however i feel that Belgium gets insta killed in the beginning most of the times

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback on "Fall of Empires" with us. Just to underline what Jacques Thomas already indicated, we are following this thread and are glad for how constructive you discusse all the apsects here.

    Keep sharing your experiences through out your games please, as it helps our game desiners quite a lot. :)