Motherland is calling!

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    Comrade, the Motherland is looking at you! The Central Committee of the CPSU sees you as a Komsomol member and a brave communist, as well as the party pinning great hopes on you! In this difficult time, the Party desperately needs comrades like you! There is no time to explain for a long time, "THE MOTHERLAND IS CALLING!"

    Are you playing Supremacy 1 The Great War?

    - Do you have a discord?

    - Are you good online?

    - Are you a seasoned gamer, or a rookie looking to learn the basics of martial arts?

    - Do you want to play along with your comrades, helping each other and glorifying the deeds of the party?

    - Comrade, what are you waiting for? The Party is pinning its hopes on you! We are waiting for you in our ranks of the Red Alert alliance! Rather, take your rifle and run into the trench to your comrades, because the evil capitalists are attacking again!


    Now more seriously. The alliance was created recently and I am the only member there so far. Before playing S:1, I played for a long time in S:1914 and had my own alliance there, in which there were experienced players. My interest in the game disappeared and I decided to move on to play here.

    The alliance is international and we will be glad to see comrades from all countries.


    There is nothing more to say. The comrades and the Party have high hopes for you.