[S1] Balancing Update - Patch Notes

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    Attention, Generals!

    The last update happened just a week ago, and here we are again with the next update for Supremacy 1: The Great War! Today’s update brings another round of balancing changes and bug fixes.

    Player ranks were adjusted, including rank requirements for certain maps. Some of you might have noticed a promotion, which was no mistake. Privates are promoted to Lance-Corporal with level 6 now and all following ranks follow suit. For example, players are now promoted to Corporal at level 16, instead of level 21.

    In addition to the ranks, several adjustments to the AI were made. You will notice that the mood of AI countries at the beginning of a game round changed in newly created games. There are less AI countries with an extremely negative or positive mood towards your country. This makes it less likely that a bigger group of AI nations declares war on you right at the start of the game. We also adjusted how active AI countries are on the different maps. While the AI is less active in Tutorial maps, to give you room to breathe and learn how to play the game, the AI is more active on other maps, to provide more experienced players a challenging game experience.

    Last but not least, the expansion penalty was adjusted and reduced on some maps. The reduction varies depending on the map. While the expansion penalty kicks in with a higher number of provinces owned by a player on the tutorial map, on other maps the penalty kicks in earlier, but grows more slowly with each additional province. You can find more details for specific maps and the complete overview about today’s update in the list below.


    • We adjusted the Private rank requirements on 2020-08-20. All players with level 1 to level 5 have the rank Private (Before: Level 1-10). All following ranks are awarded 5 levels earlier now, but no other changes were made.
    • The rank requirements for some maps were adjusted.
      • [Tutorial] - Europe 1914: Available with level 1 (Private)
      • The Great War: Available with level 1 (Private)
      • Fall of Empires: Available with level 6 (Lance-Corporal) instead of 1
      • 1917: Flanders Front: Available with level 16 (Corporal) instead of 11
    • The effect that neighboring provinces of your own country have on a province was adjusted on some maps.
      • [Tutorial] - Europe 1914: The neighbor effect was reduced.
      • Fall of Empires: The neighbor effect was increased.
      • 1917: Flanders Front: The neighbor effect was increased.
    • The expansion penalty factor was reduced on some maps.
      • [Tutorial] - Europe 1914: Expansion penalty starts with a higher number of owned provinces.
      • Fall of Empires: Expansion penalty starts with a lower number of owned provinces but grows more slowly with each additional province.
      • 1917: Flanders Front: Expansion penalty grows more slowly with each additional province.
    • The AI starting mood was adjusted for all maps.
      • The starting mood of AI countries towards a player’s nation was made less extreme. Fewer AI countries have an extremely negative opinion of a player’s nation on day 1 and fewer AI countries have an extremely positive opinion of a player’s nation now.
      • This change was made for all maps, but is slightly stronger for the [Tutorial] - Europe 1914 map.
    • The activity of the AI per in-game day on all maps was adjusted.
      • [Tutorial] - Europe 1914: The AI has 2 sessions per in-game day (previously 9).
      • The Great War: The AI has 5 sessions per in-game day (previously 9).
      • Fall of Empires: The AI has 8 sessions per in-game day (previously 9).
      • 1917: Flanders Front: The AI has 10 sessions per in-game day (previously 9).
      • NOTE: AI sessions happen randomly during an in-game day and are not set at certain times during the day. They can happen minutes or hours apart from each other.
    • The costs for Barracks, Factories, Heavy Industries, Aerodrome and Harbors were adjusted.
      • The money costs were changed to Level 1: 1,000, Level 2: 2,000, Level 3: 5,000, Level 4: 12,000 and Level 5: 25,000 (previously Level 1: 5,000, Level 2: 3,000, Level 3: 7,000, Level 4: 14,000, Level 5: 22,000).
      • The costs now include a third resource type (Level 1: 1,500, Level 2: 700, Level 3: 1,400, Level 4: 2,000, Level 5: 3,000).
    • The movement speed of units on enemy territory was reduced to 40% instead of 50%.
    • Damage to buildings (except harbors) and Morale is only applied when fighting in the province core.
    • Harbors get damaged when the fight takes place close to the harbor instead of the core.


    • To indicate the Money production bonus given by Headquarters and Propaganda Offices, an icon was added to their building info panel on Mobile devices.
    • The resource bar on Mobile devices now includes indicators that inform players about the trends of their resource productions.
    • The production button in the province bar is now greyed out and the notification text “No buildings” is displayed if no production building is available in the selected province.

    Bug fixes:

    • An issue on mobile was resolved, that caused the displayed resource costs to be displayed incorrectly. In some cases, costs were displayed as 2K grain, 2k wood, and 4k cash, instead of 1.5K grain, 1.5k wood, and 4k cash.
    • A bug was fixed that could cause an error message to be displayed when reloading a Gas Artillery in aggressive fire mode.
    • A bug on mobile was fixed that caused the army label of retreating units to be displayed incorrectly.
    • A bug was fixed that caused the construction and production panels to remain visible when a player entered the shop.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented sliders in the game from functioning correctly.
      • Sliders now also work with a single click. Dragging and dropping a slider is not the only method to set sliders anymore.
    • A bug was fixed that prevented the bonus ribbons for some shop offers from being displayed correctly.

    We hope you like all the changes and bug fixes of today’s update and wish you and your troops all the best on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • New balancing made game slow motion :( No action :( Only sit and wait for resources :( 90% players left game. Morale grow impossible :( First level buildings to much cost. Take few provinces and sit two days before little grow morale :( If take 5 or more provinces, morale drops for all main provinces - expansion. Compensate that impossible - no haw resources :(. Time for buildings 1d 2h totally understandably effect comes min after 48h. All game become no action :( no interest :( Who want start game and wait one weak nothing no do, before morale in main provinces get 100% ?

    Return old balancing !