Let's talk about the Russian Empire

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    It's fashionable now to talk about Great Britain, on the Fall of Empires map, but ... what about the Russian Empire? In fact, I'm surprised that no one has yet written a review of this huge country, because there is something to write about.

    The very first thing I would like to say (rather ask) is Finland.

    - What's wrong with Finland? What were the developers guided by when they made a separate state out of Finland? My knowledge of history is not so great, but at least I know that Finland was part of the Russian Empire, at least until 1917. Judging by the borders of the countries, I can judge that this card is valid for 1914. But again, then why is Finland not part of the Russian Empire?

    I was not lazy and counted how many regions the Empire would have if Finland was added to it. The number of regions was 91. (82 + 9 regions in Finland). * Great Britain has 98 regions.

    My questions didn't end there ... unfortunately. Krasnodar! Why Krasnodar? I personally don't know.

    Historical reference *. Yekaterinodar was renamed Krasnodar only after the civil war in Russia.

    The year is 1914, which means that there is not even talk about any civil war in Russia. Therefore, the city is now called Yekaterinodar, not Krasnodar! If you do not take my word for it, I ask you to check my words yourself, and you will make sure that I am not lying.

    - Rostov ... Did you know that Rostov is a city in the Yaroslavl Region? The city, located on the shores of the Azov Sea, is called not “Rostov”, but “Rostov-on-Don”. It is named so because it is located on the Don River.

    This is not a small thing. It's like confusing London with Paris

    - Almaty. Error again. Before the civil war in Russia, the city was called Verny. In 1918 the city was captured by the Bolsheviks and renamed Alma-Ata. Only after the collapse of the USSR, the city was renamed Almaty. But back to our map ... 1914, which means that there can be no question of any Alma-Ata, not to mention "Almaty".

    - Kyzyl. Why is the city of Kyzyl not part of the Russian Empire? Why did you name the city like that?

    The city was founded in 1914 by Russian settlers. His name is Belotsarsk. Not Kyzyl.

    1914-1917 - Belottsarsk

    1921-1944 - Kyzyl

    1944-1991 - Kyzyl

    Since 1991 - Kyzyl

    Guys, this is 1914. The city is now called "Belottsarsk".

    - Kronstadt. Why wasn't it mapped? This is the most important port city of the Russian Empire, which played a key role during this period. Not putting such a legendary city on the map is tantamount to stealing a lot of fun and realism from the roleplayers.

    To be honest, I felt hurt when I did not find Kronstadt on the map.

    A lot can be said about Kronstadt, so I will not give historical information about it. If you wish, you can find out the history of this city from the Internet yourself.


    I didn't spend a lot of time looking for bugs in this country. However, this time was enough for me to find many shortcomings and historical inaccuracies. Well ... if the developers hear me and listen, they can make the territory of the Empire precise and immersive. They can also write to me for advice if they need them. I will be happy to help

    PS. This card will be 100% used by future RP players. Consequently, it must correspond to that historical period. This card has potential, it only needs to be completed.

    PS 2.0. I will add here information about the inaccuracies of the Russian Empire as I myself learn them.



  • Tschimkent. In 1914, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the entry of Tschimkent. into the Russian Empire, the city was named Chernyaev, but in 1924 the former name was returned by the Soviet authorities.


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  • Frunze (city). This is absurd ...

    Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze - revolutionary, Soviet statesman, military leader of the Red Army during the Civil War. Are you saying that the monarchical state named the city after the revolutionary communist?

    Until 1926 the city was called Pishpek. Then it was renamed Frunze, in honor of that very revolutionary. In 1991, the city was renamed Bishkek. This name is preserved to this day.


  • Abakan. The city was founded in 1931. Until 1931, the village was called Ust-Abakanskoye. In fact, until 1931, it was not a city and did not have any key role.

    Abakan is worth celebrating at Call of War. Here it should be called, at least, the village of Ust-Abakansky. Although it would be strange to see some village on the map ...


  • Aktau. The city was founded in 1964 and was called Shevchenko. Named after the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. How did this city appear in the Russian Empire? I have no idea...


  • I won't speak to the City/Province names, I'm not familiar with them and would need to look them up.

    However, I can assume that they separated out Finland from Russia to allow for a neutral nation between Sweden and Russia, giving players a way to expand without directly being at war with another player.

    They also did this to several French and UK possessions.

    France lost French Equatorial Africa, French Morocco, and French Tunisia on top of completely losing their colony French Indochina which became another playable power. The loss of French Indochina hurts for some reason. I really feel it should be French, and that Siam should be a playable nation since it was never colonized and had a GDP at the time roughly equal to Portugal.

    The UK lost North Borneo, Brunei, the Maledives, and Uganda, Oman, and some others as neutral nations as well. And then of course South Africa and Egypt are playable nations.

    It's my hope that we will one day get a 1914 Historical Map (similar to 1939 Historical Map in CoW) where the major powers will start with all colonies and historical armies/navies. But this map was made to have some form of balance for players and incorporate areas of expansion at the expense of some of the colonial empires. We should be happy that they still made Russia, France, and the UK extremely strong nations even if they stripped them of some territories.

  • Hello PACCBET and everyone else ,

    first and foremost, thank you all for taking the time an provide such high-quality feedback. It is highly appreciated and helps us a lot!

    Maybe I can share some insights on the topic.

    When the team designed “Fall of Empires” they wanted to avoid countries that span the entire globe, but at the same time wanted to be as historically correct as possible.

    To achieve this, we fall back to historic power structures for countries like the United Kingdom and removed some Dominions and Protectorates from its direct territory. These countries, like the United Kingdom, France or Russia, still remain very big countries and more difficult countries to play. Keep in mind that it gets more difficult to play a country the more provinces it owns (e.g. penalty factors).

    On the other hand, this generates buffer nations and territories all players (incl. those playing smaller countries) can conquer, without having to declare war to one of the empires right at the start.

    To sum it up:

    - It makes the big countries easier to play (more manageable)

    - It creates buffer zones between countries

    - It creates territories to conquer

    Regarding Finland:

    Finland acts as a buffer nation to Sweden. Finland used to be a very autonomous, if not the most autonomous territory in the Russian Empire in those days. Following suite with what I mentioned above, it suggested itself to use Finland as a buffer nation. The fact that Finland and the German Empire supported each other during the war (there were even Finish units fighting for the German Empire) adds to that train of thought.

    It would be great to hear if you can follow these arguments and whether you think that adjusting these historical facts in favor of gameplay is reasonable and a good way to deal with it.

    Regarding the city names:

    We will look at the ones you mentioned here. Again, this is extremely helpful for us. If you find anything else in this regard, please do not hesitate to add them to your list. Especially Russian and Ottoman cities are rather tricky.

    In general,…

    ...would you say that you enjoy playing the Russian Empire, or is there something that bothers you about it? Would be great to hear your suggestions.

  • Batumi. Until 1936, the city was called Batum.

    Stavropol. Until 1935, the city was called Stavropol-Caucasian.

    Elista. City status was granted in 1930

    Segezha. It was founded in 1914, but the status of the city was awarded only in 1943.

    Murmansk. The city was founded in 1916 and was called Romanov-on-Murman.

    Salekhard. Until 1933 the city was called Obdorsk.

    Novosibirsk. Until 1926 the city was called Novo-Nikolaevsk.

    Neryungri. The city was founded in 1975.

    Aldan. The city was founded in 1923.

    Magadan. It was founded in 1929. The status of the city was awarded in 1939.

    Anadyr. Until 1934 it was called Novo-Mariinsk.

    Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Until 1924, it was called the Petropavlovsk Port.

    Baikovo. (Kurile Islands). I hear this name for the first time. I tried to find out information about the city from the Internet, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything. Most likely, only a village could have had such a name.

    Donetsk. Until 1924 it was called Yuzovka.

    Dnieper. Until 1926 it was called Yekaterinoslav.


  • It looks like I'm ready to take stock of the Russian Empire.

    My ancestors lived in Russia. I live in Russia. The history of this country is close to me and I know it relatively.

    I just thought I could help. I found some free time and finally wrote everything.

    I have provided an exhaustive list of cities. At least, I did not find more errors and inaccuracies in the Russian Empire. It should be noted that I did not pay attention to the very location of the cities. I only looked for city names. It is possible that some cities are in the wrong place or not entirely accurate. I could take the time to check each city, but only if in the future.

    Buffer zones. Very well done. I have no more complaints about this. If necessary, the players themselves can recreate the historical boundaries of that time, they only need to fix a few buffer states.

    Do I like playing for the Russian Empire? Honestly, I do not know. Every time I go to Fall of Empires, the player is always busy with Russia. But I think it is fun to play and it will be a real challenge for an experienced player. In general, the country suits me. My review was mainly aimed only at drawing attention to inaccurate city names.

    I repeat; I live in Russia, and the history of this country is close to me. In the future, I can and will continue to look for inaccuracies and bugs on the territory of the Russian Empire, on the map The Fall of Empires. To be honest, it's easy for me to do this, and in the process it becomes interesting for me to do it myself. Together we can make the game better! ;):thumbup:

    PS. It would be nice if you considered the possibility of creating Kronstadt :saint:


  • PS. It would be nice if you considered the possibility of creating Kronstadt :saint:

    We took another look at the Kronstadt suggestion. Kronstadt is too close to St. Petersburg on this map. We might add it to other maps, where the scale allows it. But for this map we figured St. Petersburg is more recognizable and important to be on the map than Kronstadt.

  • I am a follower of forums and interested to read the history of Russian empires . Please write some more descriptive info regarding this topic. I am waiting .

    You should study the archives yourself, or just watch documentaries about it. It makes no sense to paint the history of the Russian Empire here, since it is very extensive and it will take me many weeks, and maybe months, to describe even a small part.