Very old bug

  • Hello to all. Today I will describe a bug that operates not only here, but also in Supremasi 1914. It's strange why it hasn't been fixed yet. Perhaps, no one knows about it, or no one described this bug. In any case, I have not seen this on the forum, so I decided to describe it myself.

    Let's get started.

    We go into any of our active matches. Everything is fine, we are playing our match. We decide to quit the match and see something in the game menu.

    Next, I do something in the game menu. In my case, I go to the "rating" and click on a random player. His statistics are revealed to me. I looked at the statistics of a player and decided to return to my match.

    I go back to my match, but what do I see? I see a picture that is blocking my match for me. It won't disappear if you wait. It won't go away no matter what you do. One way is to log out of the match and restart the game to re-enter the same match. I have known about this bug for a long time, but sometimes I even fall into this trap.

    Perhaps this error exists because it cannot be fixed. Or maybe the developers just don't know about it. Anyway, I reported this error

    Have a nice day, everyone! ;)


  • I have this bug when playing on Chrome, but not when playing on Edge, already reported it but not sure if they can solve it.

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