Power imbalance [Army Units]

  • While playing, I realized that heavy tanks work almost like a militia against infantry. This surprised me. How can such gigantic weapons be so weak against the infantry?

    The information of this militia;

    knowledge of this heavy tank ;


    Please tell me this is a joke. Or is the armor of the heavy tank made of paper?
    I can not understand.

    Good day.

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  • The higher stats for militia is probably due to them being in favorable terrain. Also, tanks without supporting infantry were vulnerable in reality when attacking infantry, so it's not entirely unrealistic, although I tend to agree that heavy tanks are underpowered in this game, especially given their slow movement, and that consequently there isn't much incentive to build them.

  • Militia is basically an interchangeable word for "conscript" in this game. Conscripts can't be built, they are the troops that just appear after a set period of time, especially in newly conquered provinces.

    And yes, they are a kind of infantry, but not the same as the regular infantry you build in the barracks, which are faster and more powerful.