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  • Hello!

    Honra e Patria is active and returning to the competitive space.

    If you want to combine a match with or without a ELO, send me a message.

    Ingame or Rodolfo#9009 (Discord)


    Convite - Comunidade PT/BR de Supremacy 1914

    Esse servidor foi criado com o objetivo de reunir jogadores de S1914 para que possam marcar jogos, compartilhar informações, organizar campeonatos, partidas RPG, etc.


  • yeah about that

    10 players map, choosing countries between leaders , 3 day peace, no gms , players can choose countries picked by a leader

    I do not prefer random countries as good commanders know which countries to choose and where to put his players. This is also a hallmark of a good and organized team. All advanced strategies allowed excluding long range teleport (more than 60 minutes jumps)

    when- around mid November. english server only.

    First side to break no-gm rule and confirmed by GO to do that will be offender here. It would be publicly announced, with consent of both sides, that offender is not a worthy opponent and he will be condemned for breaking gentlemen's agreement between both parties. Offender could be refused rematch due to lack of confidence in his good intentions.

    GL HF