New Bugs with Latest Update

  • So far I've discovered TWO if not THREE.

    First, when giving units orders they disappear from the screen for 1 to 2 seconds. When giving an attack order, own units disappear and when you select the target, IT disappears also. Very JARRING.

    Second, there is no longer a display of cannonballs going when bombarding.

    Third. Had 2 fighters attack a battleship. NO damage to battleship and NO damage to fighters. Also had a situation with a stack of 47 INF, 16 Artillery, 3 Armored Cars attack a stack of 23 INF, 5 Artillery, 2 Heavy Tanks and got ZERO kills.

    Please FIX what has been broken with this latest update!!! :cursing::cursing::cursing:

  • I can confirm number one, that's on legacy design for me. A number of visual glitches involving units when they are selected and especially when given orders.

    As for the battles, I think those are too situational to consider the update to be causal. The bombers flying out for a tick where nothing winds up happening at all for example has happened to me many times over the years.

    A thing I did notice though is that damage efficiency appears to play a bigger role in battle calculations now, but not just since the most recent update. A single infantry unit appears to have a really dang good chance of holding its own against anything up to 12 attacking units for at least a tick. It's also observable in larger battles how a higher damage efficiency seems to give you a massive advantage now. I personally think it's overdone and could be tuned back a notch.