Several questions / ideas

  • Add the ability to produce units of different levels. Let's say you have a level 5 unit researched, but you are waging a war and your industry does not allow you to produce a unit of this level. To keep fighting the war, I start producing 1st level units, for example. Why not add this feature? It is very convenient and necessary. I think the players will support me

    What do you think about this? I think that these are not fortresses, but trenches. They are not currently in the game, but ... are you planning to add them? If yes, then I support this idea.


    After a recent update, the chance of a province revolt has disappeared. I think this is a mistake, because many players have often paid attention to this point. Experienced players can get used to this innovation, but beginners will find it difficult to adapt to such an environment. It will be interesting to hear the players' opinions on this matter.


    The game features armored trains and railway guns. There are also railways in the game. Question: why can armored trains and railway guns move in provinces that do not have railways?


    A limitation of army stacking has been added to the game. Now the most optimal unit size is 10 units. Question: what will happen if there are more than 10 units in one combat unit? Will the morale of the army be taken away, how is it implemented in CoN 3? Or will the army receive a penalty to attack and defense?


    Construction Victory Points. Have you ever won a match without fighting, but only by improving your economy? Me not. If you are not fighting, but only building buildings, then you are not awarded points at all for winning the match. Victory is possible only by military means. In Supremasy 1914, an economic victory is possible, because they give points for buildings there.

    But this is not the case in our game. I consider this a huge disadvantage. Developers should pay attention to this


    Oceans on the map "Fall of Empires". I love this card and play it most often. But there is a drawback that I noticed a long time ago, but did not find time to write about it.

    When the game is on the 20th day and you are a good player, then you have 1-2 continents under your control. You decide to attack another continent that belongs to another player. What are you doing? You sail your army across the ocean. But along the way, your entire army is destroyed. Why? Because there are too few roads in the ocean.

    See the Mediterranean Sea. There are many roads and fleets of countries can maneuver very successfully. Now look at the oceans! There are only 3 roads from South America to Africa across the ocean. This takes away the possibility of a surprise attack and any maneuver. The player will simply put the reconnaissance on these 3 roads and you will not swim there unnoticed.

    Why are there so many roads in small seas and so few in the oceans? Everything should be the other way around. The oceans are a whole space for the world's fleets. There must be many roads. There must be some wiggle room.

    Take Supremasy 1914, a card for 500 people, for example. There are many roads in the oceans. And that's fine


  • I agree, removing the chance of revolt and the ability to train lower leveled units is a serious mistake.

    As for the railroad thing, in original supremacy, railroad guns requires railways to move around, this severely limits them as an unit since constructing a railways itself took 3 days iirc. The combat in Supremacy 1 is faster unlike in S1914 and while building stuffs also become fast, I feel like not limiting the railguns and the armored train movements is a good call. Besides, Railguns are epic units, I don't know about you but I ain't putting my resources on an unit that'd be stuck in one or two provinces and gotta wait hours for the railways to finish if the combat is really fast.

    I think the devs intend to make Supremacy 1 a faster-paced combat, so limiting the movements of the train and railguns is just a bad idea.

    If I may add to the list of suggestions;

    Please bring back the ability of spies to intercept messages and sabotage stuffs or just create an entirely new unit dedicated for that purpose. Knowing what others are saying secretly, sabotaging their stuffs and making them suspicious of each other are what makes me love the spies from other games.