End-game laggy as hell. Solution, legacy mode?

  • Hey guys,

    Probably something you have all expirienced.. in the mid to end-game stage of 100 and 500 maps the game starts to slow down and lagg A LOT. Also coalition members are complaining about this, over different games. I really like this game and the strategy involved, however this is more and more leaning towards me quitting, its just not worth the frustration that the lagg causes.

    Now from what I hear there is also 'legacy mode' and this doesnt have the same issues because of very basic graphics?! Would be great if this becomes availible to everyone.. so I can switch to that in a stage of the game where I start getting issues.

    Or ofcourse, solve the issues.

  • Do not believe the rumors, I play Legacy Mode and mostly 500 maps and the time lags you mention are normal part of Legacy Mode however there are always ways to work around the time lag you experience > , ie: share maps and Shared Intel, cause you not only to see all your units and neighbor units close to your borders but also you see all shared map/intel units, this is a reason for the time lag,

    So the work around is to go to diplomacy settings and temporarily turn off shared maps and Shared Intel when you are in middle of doing something which require's split second timing... you can also go to map settings and turn off the indicators that show resources and names of provinces which are also constraining the data and causing time lags; this is way to get job done; while waiting for Bytro to do the Fix

    Good Luck, Have Fun