[S1] Game Changer - Release Notes

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    Release Notes - 2020-09-24

    Attention, Generals!

    Today’s release is a complete game changer! You will have to gather your wits and rethink your strategies when approaching your next battle in Supremacy 1! This is no drill!

    The changes will only take effect in new games and touch construction and production times of units and buildings, morale effects, view ranges and many more. Check the list below for details.

    The biggest thing we are doing is introducing a new type of building: the Bank! It boosts Money production in your provinces, so we are removing this feature from the Propaganda Office. Also, buildings no longer have 5 levels, but 3! Construction costs and building times have been adjusted accordingly.

    You will notice that the first days of war now require better planning and a more conscious commitment to unit and building production. Every single choice matters! Investing into the right production or building level might mean the difference between falling behind in the arms race or getting the decisive edge over your neighbouring players.

    Please read the following list of updates for a complete overview of today’s release:

    New Feature:

    • Tapping or clicking on the player profile area of the new resource bar toggles a quick-actions bar that gives you immediate access to:
      • Your profile: Opens the player profile popup from the diplomacy menu.
      • Your coalition: If you are in a coalition, the coalition overview opens. If you are not in a coalition, the “create a coalition” menu opens.
      • Message: Opens your messages in the diplomacy menu
      • Capitol: moves the map camera to the player’s capitol province.
      • Your current victory points.
      • The number of provinces you currently own.
      • The number of units you currently have.
    • Map filters are now available on mobile devices (previously only available on desktop) allowing you to show or hide certain types of units, switch to morale view, nation colors etc.
    • The Province Order is now displayed in the province bar on desktop (previously only available on mobile devices).
      • The Province Order provides information on the province morale and indicates the trend of the morale in that province.
    • The recommended army size is now displayed on desktop (previously only available on mobile devices).
      • When selecting an army, the army size is now displayed at the very right in the army bar as X/10.
      • If the army is bigger than the recommended size, a warning icon is displayed.


    • Buildings now have a maximum of 3 levels.
      • Resource costs and build times, hit points, boosts and unlocks of a building were adjusted accordingly.
    • Building construction times have been increased to balance the changes made to buildings.
    • Banks boost the Money production of a province.
    • Propaganda offices only boost Morale now to balance the Money production boost of Banks.
      • To reflect the removed production boost, the resource costs for Propaganda Offices have been removed. Propaganda Offices now only cost Money.
    • The unit production times have been increased to balance the changes made to the buildings.
    • The view range of scouts, balloons and spies have been increased.
    • The time needed to research level one was increased.
    • Conscripts now spawn faster in low morale provinces but slower in high morale provinces. The time used to be the same among all provinces.
    • The effect of morale on resource and unit production was adjusted.
    • Airplanes of the same type now have the same flight range on all levels.
    • The traveling speed of interceptors was drastically increased.
    • The traveling speed of bombers was slightly increased.
    • Combat calculations now happen every 60 minutes instead of every 30 minutes.
    • The maximum expansion penalty was reduced.
    • The neighbouring effect that your own provinces have on each other was slightly increased.
    • The Province upkeep costs were increased by 75 units of each resource per province.
    • The starting resources on all maps were reduced to 30,000 Money and 5,000 units of each resource.
    • Provinces with double resource production on the Fall of Empires map now produce 8,000 resource units instead of 9,000 units.
    • The map “The Great War” now has a level requirement of 15.


    • The Front Reports on mobile devices were reworked and are now displayed on top of the screen.
    • Several updates were made to improve game performance.

    Bug Fixes:

    • A bug was fixed that could prevent spies from taking damage from gas clouds.
    • An issue on mobile devices was fixed that caused the map in a game round to stop responding after a message was sent outside the game round.

    We hope you like today’s update and wish you all the best on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team