Please allow customisation

  • I know customisation is more and more reduced in Bytro games because few retards used Nazi or extremist pictures/names, but I think it shouldn't penalize the whole player base.

    Allowing customisation is great for the roleplaying community. Supremacy1 is, IMO, the best Bytro game alongside New World Empires, and if it had customisation I can only imagine how much more I would play it!

    I beg you, dear Bytro team, introduce customisation in Supremacy1 :saint:

  • The costumatization you're refering to is really something that's only possible in S1914 I believe. Call of War or New World Empires don't have these options, you're stuck with what you get. Altough, on Supremacy 1 it's possible to adjust your name in the game rounds you're playing in.

    As for your feedback, I have forwarded it to our developers.

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