Conscript Recruitment Speed and Province Morale

  • Hello, in my tutorial game i have what i think it is a bug. The better the province morale, the longer in takes for a conscript to be recruited (and rebellious provinces recruit fast). Shouldn't it be the other way around?

    Thank you for the attention.

  • Hello. I think this is done as a balance. When all your provinces have high morale, you don't need draftees. Why? Because if your morale is high, you can quickly produce units, build buildings and have a developed industry in the provinces. With such an abundance, conscripts are simply not needed.

    When morale is low in your provinces, the opposite happens. You do not have the ability to produce high-quality units quickly or do not have the ability to produce anything in the province. Conscripts come to solve this problem. They defend your regions, here the stake is placed on the massive nature of the defense.

    I think the developers' decision is quite adequate and logical.