[S1914] Discontinuing Support for “Legacy Mode”

  • I don't, java was clunky and I actually liked the "streamlining" of the design they did when they made that switch. Good example of a design change, albeit fairly minor, that neither I nor many other people rejected. It's not about change. It's about what it changes into.

    Eh, the aesthetics were much nicer than what they are currently in my personal opinion. Opening up the diplomacy tab and seeing the shape of my nation change in time, along with a corner map for views was something that really tied me to the game early on. Below is just a screenshot from their old yt video.


    "Unity and Loyalty Above All"

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  • it did have some really nice features that were lost in the slimdown when maybe they shouldn't have been and it's hard to see why they were...

    If ever there was a short quote on the history of this game, I feel like this is the one.

    "Unity and Loyalty Above All"

    My Youtube Channel is linked in the thumbnail :)


    The New Roleplayers Union Discord is linked to the Banner. Feel free to drop by and say hello 8)


  • What that guy said, but how about discontinuing support for legacy mode when the new mode can actually be considered an upgrade.

  • could we expect anything less from the year 2020??.. stuck at home and the only game i play is canceled.. sadly ill have to retire because legacy is the only playable mode currently. i hate the look of the new mode and its unplayable on 500 maps for me. ive spent thousands of hours on legacy mode and sad to see it go away.. legacy mode was close to a finished product.. it has a huge following and maybe ppl flocked to it because it wasnt about technology or graphics.. i liked legacy mode because its simple, easy to learn, not very complex but its about skill and strategy.. clicking fast isnt the winning factor lol.. i wanted to bring more friends over to supremacy but they wouldnt be able to access legacy mode with new accounts so why bother.. i guess ill have to find crappy shows on netflix to cure my boredom.. well it was fun well it lasted.. good luck in your gaming adventures everybody!

  • add legacy mode as and extra feature in High Command and we are solved

    just remember to solve security issues with legacy once and for all

    cow has two modes one with full of graphics and one with less graphics (like legacy) and best thing is everyone has access to both ui even newbies too. IMG_20201011_174952.jpg



    And this ui seems to be quite much appealing (to me at least good appearance less heat issues)

    btw I would like thanks bytros super cool graphics for ruining my another map too much browser crashes and heat issues. While playing 500p I have two options either risk my processor and continue playing or archive big maps and play small maps to save my processor

  • I'm also really concerned about the change.

    I mean, the new version looks pretty cool – I always enjoy watching nice infantry sprites, water and really cool navy vessels roaming on the map etc.

    Though, when it comes to actually playing against real opponents I always switch to legacy. It’s way more convenient to make orders and shows units exactly where they are. I cannot imagine sticking only to the new version, especially without a tactical mode.

    I‘m pretty sure, that the reason that only veterans/older players prefer legacy mode is not because they used to and don’t like changes but simply because the new players don’t even have the option to try it and compare.

  • Well, duh? No account made since 2018 even has access to Legacy, you don't really need to have those numbers to have a pretty good idea of the general look of them. Especially since the mobile version has obviously created a major boom in new accounts since then. That comparison is seriously flawed in many ways, which doesn't make it worthless, but I hope you are not mistaking this as any form of statement on the quality of either UI? Under the circumstances, clearly you couldn't infer from that that the new UI was better, or even good at all. All it is is a measurable effect of the company's decisions on which UI people get access to in the first place. A more interesting number would perhaps be the amount of people who have access to Legacy but switched to Revamp vs. those that did not?

    The question was not which version is liked more by players who have access to both. We already know from our marketing efforts that the revamp version works much better in attracting new users and growing the community again. The revamp was necessary to keep the game alive, because in the last years before the revamp we struggled quite a bit to attract new players and the overall legacy numbers dwindled. And then with the revamp and the mobile version: boom, the game got its second wind and is now bigger than ever. We never planned to keep both versions alive forever because that adds alot of code complexity and maintenance costs, it was always clear that we will have to turn off legacy at some point in the future. Therefore also the decision to limit it to existing players (since we knew from our numbers revamp works better for new players). I think we communicated this outlook back then rather clearly when we rolled out the revamp mode. The question now is just: When is the right moment to turn off legacy? The current numbers tell us exactly that, they showed us that now the opportunity costs and maintenance costs of keeping this version alive are higher than the benefit it brings. I know it sounds harsh but that's the business. We have to go with the times. Software has to evolve in order to stay relevant on the market.

    For a more personal and empathic take on the matter please refer to my previous post in this thread.

    No new updates from the developers?

    The decision to turn off Legacy mode still stands. But as said before: We continue working on the revamp mode. Usability and performance will still be improved over time. Your feedback in that regards help. We will look at the concerns and the issues raised by all of you. I don't have any other specifics to announce this time. At latest you will be able to read about it in future patch notes.

    Hope to still see you around in the game!

  • I really wanna play legacy mode too but I do not have access to it

    Get going with strategy at first of the game, always be prepared, and win the game with an amount of skills and take the trophy up with your allies or yourself!:D:) It is just a game:!:

  • can we create new game? SupremacyLegacy and everyone who wants will be able to migrate account there?

    everyone's happy : old players, new players, bytro finances

    Sort of like Coke and Coke Classic. Good idea and perhaps you (Bytro) may want to check into the marketing story behind that before immediately saying NO. When Coke changed their formula and then brought back the old one it has become a legend about whether it was their biggest blunder or their biggest brilliant idea now.

    And then with the revamp and the mobile version: boom, the game got its second wind and is now bigger than ever.

    Well of COURSE with the mobile version the player base will grow! The numbers you SHOULD be looking at is how many players are STAYING with Bytro if they have to play it solely on mobile. Legacy mode on mobile was a nightmare but with a little time devoted to it by Bytro it would have worked and been easy for ANYONE with a mobile device to run efficiently instead of now taking a chance on running a game turning your phone into a brick.

    OH, and one more little question. Now that you've made your decision will you be refunding unused Goldmarks to the people closing their accounts at the end of the year?