[S1914] Tablet Support - Release Notes

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today's update introduces a wide range of quality-of-life improvements for both our mobile and desktop generals - including improved tablet support! Most in-game menus and popups now dynamically adjust to different mobile screen sizes and allow for easier navigation and interaction on tablet devices.

    For a complete overview, please check the list below:


    • We adjusted the in-game UI to better respond to tablet resolution.
    • We improved the way unit labels are positioned above the unit images.
    • We improved the mobile army bar by dynamically adding special command buttons (like "patrol") to armies when applicable.
    • The number of dead units within a fighting army is now displayed in the mobile army bar.
    • On mobile, we added the option to adjust your leader name in a game round by opening your player profile and tapping on your leader name. (This feature already existed on desktop.)

    Bug Fixes:

    • We fixed a bug that led to units taking unnecessary detours in some cases.

    We hope you like today’s update. See you on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team