[S1] Scenario Adjustments - Release Notes

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today's update introduces some noteworthy changes to the scenario pool as well as more quality-of-life improvements for our mobile generals.

    For a complete overview, please check the list below.

    Balancing and Scenarios:

    • We lowered the required rank to join the "Europe - The Great War" scenario from Lvl. 16 to Lvl. 6 to open it up for a broader audience of players. In addition, we restricted joining the scenario to the first in-game day of that game round (formerly: days 1 or 2).
    • To improve the player experience of the "Europe - The Great War" map it is now only available for joining from Thursday to Sunday to get more players to join simultaneously for bigger PvP fights.
    • Joining the "1914: Flanders Front" map has been temporarily paused while we improve its playing experience and visuals. Look forward to seeing an updated version of this very special scenario in the future.
    • We adjusted the solo victory rewards for all scenarios except "Fall of Empires" to reflect the more easy-to-reach victory condition introduced in an earlier update.
    • We increased starting resources in most scenarios to allow for a more exciting early game experience.


    • We adjusted the in-game UI to better respond to tablet resolution.
    • We adjusted the display of victory points on the map in a way that high-VP provinces are highlighted more prominently.
    • On mobile, we added the option to adjust your leader name in a game round by opening your player profile and tapping on your leader name. (This feature already existed on desktop.)
    • We improved the mobile army bar by dynamically adding special command buttons (like “convert” or "patrol") to armies when applicable.
    • We now also display the number of retreating and dead units within a fighting army in the mobile army bar.
    • We introduced a "low graphics mode" that drastically reduces the map's level of detail but will significantly improve game performance on older devices. On some devices this mode will be used automatically but it can also be manually toggled in the game settings.

    Bug Fixes:

    • We fixed an issue that made it possible to queue the same building level multiple times in a province (if you were really fast).
    • We fixed an issue that could cause completed production, construction or research tasks to get stuck in the production queue.
    • We fixed a bug that led to units taking unnecessary detours in some cases.

    We hope you like today’s update. See you on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Hi, Good day.

    This game is so fun! And because of that I joined multiple games at the same time to challenge my self.

    But my suggestion is, Can you do something that will make the list of my games not to change place everytime I checked and updated the other games? It is cofusing me which one is done checking when they mixed up after checking the other ones.

    Or at least let us rename it, so that I can put Game Number 1, Number 2, and so fort. Just for me to make sure that they will not mixed up.

    over all this is so fun for me. just need little help organizing my games list. 😊

    Thank you😊

    Natty Natz

    Natty Natz Production Alliance