Increase of abuse in newspaper

  • Maybe this is just conincidence.. but since the removal of the report button in the newspaper I have seen a exponential increase in abuse in newspaper articles in the few games that I have been playing. So I would also love to hear from other players what their expirience is.

    Now from my perspective this could have one of two reasons:

    1. People are no longer being reported because increase hassle and difficulty. and therefore its just the same few guys that are not being taken care of.

    2. The report button had a discouraging effect, because they knew they can get reported because they actually see the report button.. Now that this is gone, they think if they post anonymously no one will ever find out who they are and they can say anything without it having coonsequences.

    Bring back the report button PLEASE.

  • you can stil report ppl. 2 ways to do it 1 that person profil then scroll down and go to support and open your report. Second click on show settings and go to last one report a bug. Then just do your report.

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  • Then just do your report.

    That's a bad way to put it. You will also additionally have to make sure now there is no way for the GO who recieves your report to miss the infringing content - something that the system automatically did for you previously. I recommend when reporting a player and his specific posts, make sure you put enough "evidence" in there so that it would be inconcievable for anyone to say "Well that's not easy enough to work out, I'll leave it.". That is important because you want your report to be taken care of and it's especially important because in many cases you will not be informed if it isn't.

  • The link below was provided by the Bytro SGO for this server, Totally agree provide all evidence possible so GO's can not miss anything in their hurry to complete massive load of reports ;)

    To make a report go to top right (tools/settings icon) on main tab> fill out report with as much info as possible, Game ID#, country /players name, day of map, and include Screen shots > SUBMITTING A REPORT TO THE SUPPORT TEAM.

  • FYI, I Have done my report, I cited some examples from the newspaper and wrote down what 'day' they where from. I know how the current reporting works, and that is part of my complaint.

    Because of the increased difficulty a lot of abusive behavior goes unreported, and looking at myself I only reported the content after about a week of abuse, because its a lot more difficult. This does however really decrease my in game expirience.... and THAT is the problem.