Custom Soldiers/ Troops

Attention, Generals!

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  • i would like to be able to customize my troops to match the colors of my country or that country i have selected. honestly it will be dope if i had a black color scheme on my troops, it will look sooooo cool in my opinion. i know other people would like the idea of having their own unique soldier fighting along side them. that's all i have to say and i hope this feature gets added please. :):thumbup:

  • Not sure I understand what it is that you want to be able to color? I absolutely agree this game needs that kind of stuff as premium features - customization options that do not impact gameplay itself. It's never gonna happen because Bytro has grown so contempt with their current monetization system that any amount of effort on it is obviously considered wasteful within the company, but it can't hurt to dream, can it.

    But still, I'm not so sure what exactly you're envisioning - and if it has to do with the "3"-D sprites for the units, count me out. Those are hideous enough and should go out the window completely. Other than that, you're onto something.