Why Did you guys have to make provinces produce less?

  • thats not correct.. unless your moral is alot lower at day 20 in the same province..

    if you build railroads, factories, harbors you producting, at the same moral will be a lot higher.

    Do keep in mind though that the further you are from your capital the lower the production will get due to corruption etc..

  • This is Supremacy 1 Forum Game Discussion thread, I also get them confused with S1914, far as I know S1 does not have a 500 map available so must be talking about s1914...

    Probably a newly taken province at 25% morale or someone on day 20 has economic spy"s deployed against you destroying your production.

    Couple things here might help you with provinces....

    Each/all provinces have civilian populations of 4 million and have daily upkeep cost of 800/800/800 food/materials/energy to sustain upkeep cost read the following...Self sustaining Province Morale %> Double provinces at 20% / Single provinces 68%(with no corruption and no upgrades )

    Each province has its own resource production. Boost production = build structures such as harbor (available day 2) boosts your local production +25%, railroads (available on day 5) boosts your local production +33%, Factories (available on day 8 boosts your local production +9% per lvl... Production also depends on morale of the province morale can be increased building forts +5% per lvl