Why I'm playing the game less and less each time

  • After being frustrated with the attrition nonsense and taking about two weeks of the game, I've decided to give it another try. So I join the Battleground Europe map and, to my astonishment, I found my new country, Ile-de-France, already occupied by insurgents, ON DAY ONE!!!!!!!

    To makes matters worse, the occupied provinces are the ones producing cotton and food!!!!!!!

    How does this makes a good experience for a game I have no idea, but I hope someone from the development team comes up with a good explanation on how to ruin a perfectly nice game concept with these "brilliant" ideas.

    Until this mess is fixed, I'm taking a longer time out.


    Chicken Chaser.

  • Let me answer from personal experience. When i started university (which was about 3 months ago) i was planning on taking my xbox with me. I decided against it because there was no display to use. A room mate bought a TV with him but it was tiny and didn’t have a HDMI plug. Long story short i simply don’t have the necessary hardware since i don’t want to carry my massive TV 160 km on a bus. In future i will get my PC and use a swapping system based on what i am doing in the moment to game on my PC and Xbox, but as of right now i lack the hardware.

    Most adults also stop gaming due to lack of time and i am sure that i will too at some point. Uni exercises are easy now but i guarantee they will pick up at some point and i will struggle to keep up. But as of right now, i have way too much time on my hands.

  • How old are you, 12? If you can't handle a little rebellion, you certainly can't expect to win a match in this game (unless you join a coalition that wins). Stop whining and figure out a way to play.

  • I really loved this game up until a couple of years ago - started playing 6 or 7 years ago and found it really great fun for a strategy game enthusiast, but what made it pleasing was the simple graphics and almost 100% focus on the strategy - not a million thrills, frills whistles and bells - to me at least - so where did the old graphics settings go? at one point a few years ago you could still choose the old graphics settings to avoid all the bloated disturbing graphics, animation and all the rest and still only see the poster pins instead of the cheezy soldier figure graphics and all the rest. administrating cities was a clean and really fast interface to get a lightning quick overview of what was happening in your production cities and so on, but now its all a distracting muddle of graphics that just obscures all information.

    I wish and hope there still is a way to just choose to play with the old graphics - I played for half a decade almost, and I played a *lot* compared to most players - more often than not juggling 3-5 games or more, but I will never play this game with the current graphics setup. The very reason I am attracted to a strategy game like this is exactly that: focus on strategy, not graphics - which also means clarity - oversight - abstract thinking, moving ideas and monitoring logistics - I'm not in it for tons of overblown graphics, annoying sounds, even more annoying animation and so on.

    The reason the graphics always fail when they get too detailed is that they change the entire feeling of a game - noone has the same mental image, so when you decide *for* people, instead of letting them imagine their forces for themselves, you subtract something instead of adding something. To make it plain and howlingly obvious in an extreme example: theres a difference between having say your soldiers and graphics look like they came from a mold of candy crush or angry birds - or having them look as simple and "clean" as say "Civilization 1".

    Every choice you make beyond representing each unit as a circle/ballon pin, or a pin with a square head, triangle head, etc is a move AWAY from strategy and into a completely different graphics and playstyle *FEEL* of the game.

    I think for many of us older players, we played the game (and left the game) because of its graphics, the feeling of being a real general looking at a real map, with actual pins made it feel MORE realistic and the more "realistic" the soldier models get the LESS realistic the game feels, and more like playing with toy soldiers than being an actual intelligent general who can deal with abstractions like pins on a map.

    So, this is a plea for a cleaner version / a completely cleaned up version of the game back to the old style.
    I know I can never get back into the game as it looks right now, nor will I ever want to.
    Sorry to say, you had something magical, and you chose to remove it, discontinue it, and replaced it with something that now looks like a bland boring copy of all the other similar browser strategy games out there.

    Sorry, but this is how I feel about it and have felt for a long long time, ever since I saw the new graphics and could never restart playing even though I tried 3-5 times.

    I hope the makers and owners realize what they lost and how much they lost when they removed the option to play this game in the old style - let's hope they get this message and decides to create something for all those of us who have stopped playing because of this and would really like to play if we had the old strategy aspect focus back again.

    All the best from Oslo, Norway
    Cheers. True North

  • Old players have learned the game and do not spend that much GM and they have to keep old style servers up.

    A lot of new player would play old school looking game also, but they dont have a chance to play it. Friend of mine, seen me playing old style game and was keen to try it also, but he had no option to play it, new looking game he did not like.

    I cannot stand new style game.

    Keep it simple, apple success story.

  • Hai ,

    if your are playing a game is not a big mistake , but once you cannot control yourself from playing game becomes problem for your.

    May be you love the graphic design and cartoon picture more, and you are more tempted by scoring more points in the games. But its is not advisable to play games all the time. Try to uninstall al your game apps from your mobile.


  • province rebellon is just little test of how well you handle your own country

    if you cant put enough units in it or handle your country daliy resources needs .. then there will be a player better then you doing that .. and he will advance over you.

  • Chicken Chaser The game creator who started the map has the option to start the game (I think) before the game is full of the required number of players. When wanting to join a game my suggestion is to do your homework and check the game details carefully before you hit the join button. You can also Spectate the game and see a little bit of what is going on. You can see what coalitions have formed already, what countries are already taken. On the New Game screen, you should check the Day the game is at. You probably think it's day 1 because you just entered when actually it could be day 2. If the game is a Tutorial then it's going to be moving at a faster pace, first gamers are packing 20 troops per province and artillery from day 1 so they are highly motivated at the start taking whatever they can and picking on players with less army. I have had the same feeling in the past and got slammed at the start, but I bounced back better next time because I knew what to expect of that style of map. As for players taking vital provinces, it is war, just dig in, play hard, buy off the stock market what you don't have, trade and fight to win those provinces back :)

    Why am I playing less? Well, the game doesn't pay my bills, put food on my table or pay for anything. So I have to pick and choose more when to play and battle.

    Failure has a thousand explanations,

    Success doesn't need one. - Sir Alec Guinness.