[S1914] Server Incident 2020-11-14

  • [S1914] Server Incident 2020-11-14

    Attention, Generals!

    Due to an unexpected incident on Saturday 2020-11-14 which prevented communication between servers for several hours, players were unable to enter their games. We would like to point out that this was an internal issue, and that there was no security risk at any point during the incident.

    Although Supremacy 1914 is a real-time grand strategy game where decisions and actions are taken a while in advance, we are fully aware that an outage of this magnitude is a severe inconvenience for our players. We are deeply sorry and would like to once more apologize for this.

    To soften any potential harm this incident may have caused to your strategic plans for last weekend, we are adding 10,000 Gold to the account of any affected player.

    The Gold has been added to your account by now.

    Your Bytro Team

  • Arcorian Thank You so much for this GIFT, this gesture seems to be a turn in RIGHT direction from Bytro, I am pleasantly shocked and surprised :)


    We as leaders are compelled to lead by example , maintaining professional demeanor as we cultivate future leaders... Reputation is made here in this community, embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

    for more help and information join this global S1914 discord server: https://discord.gg/7U3yBBk