Coalition trades on maps

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    I wanted to ask official bytro team, not volunteers, how trades within coalition and outside of it are treated. I heard different responses from different mods and different servers.

    Would be good to have one, definite answer from official representative.

    1. Now we have maps like 2 vs 2 or event 100 where there are huge coalitions. is it forbidden in tho1se maps to support best fighting player within those coalition to ensure that person with most fighting skills has also more resources than other to produce more troops? When I say more I do not mean trades everything for nothing but more rather daily support from others to fill up factories.

    On the other side there are maps like 31,100,500 with no coalition events where very often you come across wide range of players and multis, some playing fair-fight, some simply cheating. Now in my understanding coalition are created to protect each other and to pursue same goal- to stay on the map till the end and fight for the win. As such it is logical that people within coalition will be organizing themselves. Some are better in fighting with tanks, arts others with planes or ships . Prices of equipment are not the same and ships are more expensive than field army, while planes more expensive than a fleet. If coalition works as a one organism to survive and makes internal decisions how to produce troops, where to build factories,rails,forts and how to spread resources within coalition to meet it's goals - are there any restriction how coalition trades its resources between it's members taking into account none of them will be eaten alive ( like in push examples)?

    Purpose of that question is to have clear understanding how well organized coalition of 5-7 players can stay on maps without being marked as pushers.

    My understanding was , that similar to what we have in COW, coalition are working more like an alliance in the alliance battle ( taking into account they do not eat later it's members). They divide roles, have people responsible for offense and defense, for spying, trading, diplomacy, controlling sea or airspace. Without splitting resources equally to member's needs it is hard to achieve anything together.

    I would be grateful for answer as we came to times when it is hard to play maps against cheaters without proper cooperation within coalitions. tbh coalitions are, in some cases, the only way to survive fighting against pushers and multis.

    Akiar  Slyx  Arcorian