Victory Conditions etc.

  • Hi everybody.

    I recently played a game on the small map. I had both teh highest individual score and was a part of the winning coalition with one other member. Both of us individually had higher score than the third (solo) player, and our scores combined counted at 75% (or whatever it is) was still significantly higher than his solo score.

    In the end, I got the 600 (was it 600? The amount for second best coalition on the small map) gold and it says the third place solo player won first place. Thats my first question - why? That doesnt make sense by any logic of counting and contradicts what it says for victory conditions.

    And second: When I logged on to that game later on, after it was closed, it said this: "Defeat! Cnstntnpl (which is me) won the round." What the heck? Defeat - you won! What the hell happened there?

    And one subsequent question: Will only first places be counted as "victory" on my profile?

    As almost everything in this game, the information on victory is terribly communicated. Thanks for any input boys! Have a nice day.