Troops cannot move and have no strength

  • 2 were attacking my 6 in the province above the enemy's capital. I sent 4 to that battle and went to sleep. When I awoke I had 9 there and the enemy was gone. When I click the province and morale, it shows I have 9 garrison strength. When I click the 9 troops, it shows they have 0 strength. It shows the 9 are in combat with no casualties. I have the option to attack and the option to split. The other options including move are gone. Their morale is 69 percent. When I click split, it makes the 9 disappear from the map and I don't get the popup to split them.

    I sent 3 more. I moved past the city with the 9. I moved them back into the city with the 9. Now I have the above with 12, not 9.

    The above happened right when I could have moved most of my nine against the enemy capital. What did that player do to me and how long will it last? Alternatively, if the game shows my units are in battle and I cannot move or split them, when I see no enemy units in my province, how to I get the battle to turn off? Thank you.

  • A new day has started. Nothing above changed. I still cannot move my 12 troops in Florence, who are in combat with nothing since there are no enemy troops in Florence, and who have zero strength despite a new day starting. Please someone tell me what that Italian player did to me unless this was a game glitch that coincidentally surfaced right when I was going to attack Rome. Thank you.

  • I left the game, entered again, and in the opening popup saw the place to send the bug report. So I just did. Thanks for saying I should. I assumed the live player defending Italy paid for an effect on my troops or province. But you convince me it must be a game bug that caught me.

  • Wonderful news twice: First, the game immediately answered my bug request and asked I send the game number so it could check. The bug request warns you must wait up to 72 hours, which when you are sitting in Florence above an experienced Italian player's Rome who has fought relentlessly to stall you your takeover of Italy while his Russian ally prepares to invade your Germany is too long to wait. Very grateful the game responded so quickly.

    Second, time healed the problem. I assume my 12 troops frozen in Florence city had to stay frozen for a certain period of time before they became unfrozen. 6-7 hours ago they were still stuck. Now they have switched from zero in all four strength categories to strength 12.l, attack damage 8.5, ranged attack 0, and attack damage air 0.9. By comparison, a few hours ago I moved 8 troops into Florence province through Florence city to the border with Rome. They have strength 9.3, attack damage 7.1, ranged attack 0, and attack damage air 10.7. Both have the option to move. I split 6 from the Florence city troops and am moving them to join the 8 on the border with Rome.

    So if you suffer a similar problem and find this forum thread, hopefully you also will have frozen troops regain strength and movement after a similar number of hours. DO NOT MOVE TROOPS IN TO JOIN THEM OR THEY WILL FREEZE WITH THE REST. You can safely move through the city with the frozen troops. Do not stop there with them.