World Map Not showing across multiple browsers

  • Hello i have submitted a ticket , just hoping some 1 has an answer , when i try an play with the new ui on chrome or edge i cannot see the world map , all background works as intended , when i mouse over the empty screen i have my provinces show as the would in legacy but no world map showing , i can play perfectly with legacy am i missing something , haven't played in awhile . yes i have cleared cookies an cache on both browsers with no luck any advise would be awesome ty .

  • It has happened to me a few times. I use Firefox. I have to take down Firefox, bring it back up, and then I can load the game and see the map. Did it this morning. Restarting the game without taking down Firefox and bringing it back up does not produce the map.

  • I logged in around 30 minutes ago. I sent a message to my Alliance leader, then entered my game and made my moves. I used the arrow at top right to leave it and bring up the Alliance screen to watch for a return message. Walked away. Came back and used the arrow at top right to reenter game. The map would not load. Used the arrow to leave and reenter without success. Arrowed back, clicked game, entered game, and map would not load. Took down Firefox, brought it back up, and when I brought up the game the map was there. My point is the map disappeared while I had the game up but while I had the Alliance screen up.