Points for Ranking, Level, Accomplishments and Achievement Medals?

  • Can a Manual Chapter be published or at least answere and information about points for Rank, Level, and Achievement Medals be provided?

    How are points accrued for achievements? What counts and what does not count? What time and day of the week begin and end for Weekly Achievements? Top Players of the Week; Weekly Ranking; Monthly Ranking’ Global Ranking – All Ranked Players; Hall of Fame – Weekly High Scores (Last Week), Monthly High Scores (Last Month), Weekly High Scores (all-Time), Monthly High Scores (All-Time), Player of the Week, Player of the Month, All Time Player of the Week, All Time Player of the Month.

    How are Rank and Level points accrued? Military Score, Economic Score (Military and Economic Scores are of equal value and combined to get Overall Score which is used to determine overall Go\lobal Ranking when compared to all other Ranked Players). Do the building improvements and troop units have to be built from scratch to count as part of a player’s total or if a building is repaired does it count toward a player’s total? When a Province is captured and a building or troop is in the process of being completed, does the building started by an enemy but completed after the Province is captured, does it count towards the enemy who started it or the captors total?

    Achievements – Why is the requirement to earn The Great War Cross (Bronze, Silver and Gold) and Veteran’s Cross (Bronze. Silver and Gold) the same (win in scenario “Battleground Europe”)? Does any 1st place win count (Solo and Coalition player) or just Solo player? If in 1st place Coalition winner, must the player be the highest point player in the coalition or just any member of the winning coalition to count toward The Great War Cross or Veteran’s Cross achievement medal?