Can you make peace with the AI, ever?

  • Because they keep declaring absolutely suicidal wars basically without doing anything but be a nuisance. Will the AI ever go back to peace after it once declared war?

  • It is possible but very RARE, in my experience once a war with AI is started you are better to KILL off AI than to wait for PEACE

    same here I killed all AI start war on me. And if get morale to under 15% you get daily new AI to declare on you . I was speed 4x 500 map with morale of 12% and had 20 wars all AI daily killed 4 . 1 dead next declared and so on.

    Enforcer(Angel of Death)b78//+

  • So it IS possible? Have you actually, actively made peace with the AI? How?

    Will the AI just change its status to peace? Or can it offer or accept trades?

  • Yes it is possible yet very rare,

    I even witnessed a guy get Share maps with AI last week which is 'unheard' of, never has AI given me Share maps in my couple yrs playing this game

    nope they give share maps. Your need top 3 of most love nation and will get them. I am 1 map place 1 and have with more 1 share. Had with 5. In screenshot I only have with 2 since drop from place 1 popular nation.

  • I tried one time that AI SMed with me which was in a GM game S1914 historic whom Norway shared map with me because he wanted me to defeat Britain lol. His cruisers helped me know where the British fleet was:D^^:P;)

    Get going with strategy at first of the game, always be prepared, and win the game with an amount of skills and take the trophy up with your allies or yourself!:D:) It is just a game:!:

  • its possible in all games..

    If you declaired war it is easier (esp if you are not on the list of most notorious countries.. if you are nope wont happen)

    if they declear war because you are on that list...

    best way to get them to accept peace is GET OF THE LIST FIRST and set your status to ceasefire.. very single time they attacked you.. back to ceasefire.. eventualy so will they then you can go to peace

    How ever.. as long as you are on the list or very close to beeing on it (no way to know for players lol) its going to be very very rare for it to happen

    have seen it happen though more then once