Do not understand how attacks work.

  • Something is seriously wrong. I have read the FAQ. I am attacking a fort with 5 cav 5 car 63 inf. They had 11 defenders 80% morale I had 78%. I lost 11 units to their 2. I do not understand what is going on. After round I now have attack damage of 27. Defenders attack damage is 9.8 So I think I should kill 27/1.2= 22.5 points. What am I missing?

  • As a follow up just attacked a 10 unit stack with 46 inf 4 cav 4 car. Not in fort. out in open. I have lost 9 inf 1 cav 1 car, he has only lost 9 inf in three rounds. Do not understand these ratios. Why am I taking as much/more damage as he is?

  • what is shock inf? My numbers still do not make any sense. I was attacked by a 11inf stack had 21 inf in a city I lost 1 for 1. So I wiped him out but I lost 11 inf defending in my city and my morale was over 98%. I am playing as Ukraine attacking Russia in the tutorial. game. I have lost 210,000 men versus 214,000. All of my other attacks I was winning at a 1.51 ratio against all other countries.