[S1] Release Notes - 2020-12-07

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    Attention, Generals!

    With today’s release Supremacy 1: The Great War will receive several new additions including a charming replacement for the old advisor, the ability to speed up research progress for units once specific conditions are met, as well as balancing changes and quality of life improvements!

    For a complete overview of today’s release, please check the list below:


    • Players will now be able to speed up their research efforts by spending Gold. This can only be used to ‘catch up’, though: The speed-up option gets unlocked only if the respective research level could have been reached normally already through continuous research from day 1 (plus a penalty factor). This will allow for more adaptability in scenarios where a player drastically outclasses others by having access to more advanced units of a certain type.
    • The ‘Split Army’ command has been reworked for mobile users and will now be much more convenient to use. Also, additional information about split off units will now be displayed to allow for better informed splitting decisions.
    • For desktop users the province panel will now display the maximum amount of resources and money a province can produce at 100% moral. This will help players to better understand which provinces will benefit the most from higher morale. This feature has already been made available to mobile users with the last patch.
    • The overall size of the map ‘Europe 1914’ has been reduced by 20%. This will effectively move players closer together and allow for a faster paced gaming experience. Players will be able to exploit sloppy troop management more easily while the general viability of hiding troops in the hinterlands will be reduced.
    • The amount of victory points for urban provinces has been adjusted to a value of 10 for all cities, except for major capitals which are still worth 15 points.
    • Both land and sea connections have been adjusted for several provinces to allow for a smoother relocation of troops.
    • The old advisor was replaced by a charming and (at the very least) equally competent female staff officer who will assist players. Especially newer players will benefit from the additional advisor tasks as they will be able to master the complex game mechanics more quickly and catch up with their more experienced counterparts.

    Bug Fixes:

    • An issue was solved that could cause the popup that appears after confirming a gold transaction to be misplaced when a player tried to construct buildings with gold due to a lack of resources.
    • Universally feared gas artillery units will now have to reload their ammunition storage before being able to deploy another deadly salvo of gas clouds. This eliminates a bug where a single unit was able to lay waste to battlefields by creating large amounts of poisonous gas clouds.
    • Fixed a notification that informed players about being assigned the role of game admin. This feature was removed with the latest patch.

    We hope you enjoy our latest additions to the game, as much as the balance changes and quality of life improvements. Best of luck general, now prove yourself on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team