Restructuring Of EN Bytro Team

  • Slyx  Arcorian

    Could you please give community official statement describing the recent restructuring of the Bytro Volunteer team and exactly what is responsibilities and powers of each members designation?

    Can you please give Community an explanation to each members duties CC, GO, SMOD ,MOD and what we in community can expect, what is different now and what is same as in past?

    I noticed that Main Administrator (MA) and Senior Game Operator (SGO) designations have been eliminated/merged with other roles, can you please explain to community so that we all know what to expect and whom can do what? example >would be who can now refund Gold?

    Also I see that CS is vacant, who is now the CS and why are they not listed on the roster?

    International (English) Server staff roster

  • Hi there Hastings TNT.

    We indeed re-organized the volunteer teams a bit, but that will not affect players. If you have any issue on the forums you can open a thread, use the report option in case you notice a violation of rules on the forums or can contact a moderator as listed in the staff roster.

    If there are any issues in the game directly you can use the report option and send a support ticket there, as usual. The team will take care of it. That includes cases like the example you gave with gold refunds.

    The CS Manager is not vacant but removed from the roster as the CS Manager doesn't handle forum issues. He would forward anything to the CMs or the Moderators, so removing him as a contact point on the list safes time of the user while waiting on a reply or action.