[S1] The Great Reform! - Release Notes

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    Release Notes - 2020-12-17

    Attention, Generals!

    With today’s release Supremacy 1: The Great War will receive a major overhaul of existing units. Be aware that all of these changes will only affect new game rounds. The different troop branches have been reorganized and units’ strengths and weaknesses adjusted in order to provide them with a clear purpose while others have been decommissioned entirely. This will allow for more strategic flexibility while simplifying the decision making process of choosing the right unit compositions for specific tasks. In addition to this, the front report has been expanded to include more information. Last but not least we fixed a few bugs and introduced small quality of life improvements.

    For a complete overview of today’s release, please check the list below:


    • Virtually all units have seen changes to their combat values to make it easier for generals to identify a clear purpose for specific units and to evaluate their role on the battlefield. Note that some units now fill a clear role in either offensive or defensive actions. For example machine gunners will be exceptional defenders that are perfectly suited to hold cities but are otherwise too cumbersome to be effective in swift assaults. Cavalry regiments on the other hand will be most effective while attacking vulnerable field guns but lack the defensive capability of regular infantry. Make sure to explore all changes that took place in game yourself in order to identify future backbone units for your battlegroups.
    • The following units will be decommissioned entirely due to a lack of viable applications of their skills to the battlefield: Scouts, Saboteurs, Mortars and Siege Mortars.
    • Unit production will be reorganized and resources required to finish production buildings will be adjusted.
      • All infantry units will now be produced in the barracks.
      • All vehicles will now be produced in the vehicle factory..
      • All long ranged guns will now be produced in the ordnance factory..
      • All production buildings will now partially require resources that are not needed for unit production in the respective buildings. This will allow for more effective production and research efforts of specific units..
    • The day of availability for most units to become researchable will be adjusted. Instead of gaining access to a lot of units on day 3 and 5 generals can now steadily gain access to new units over the course of the first 5 days with special units becoming available on day 8 and 10.
    • The production costs for sea and air units have been adjusted. Instead of requiring certain amounts of two resources in order to start production all sea and air units will now require three different resources. The total amount of resources needed has been lowered to compensate for this.
    • The overall speed of units at their respective research levels has been streamlined and will not increase anymore. All units retain the amount of speed they have once they are unlocked and will not see any increase depending on their research level. This should prevent situations in which a player has to leave outdated troops behind in order to not slow down his more advanced troops.
    • The ability to speed up research by spending Gold has been reworked so that smaller increments of research progress can now be bought instead of having to speed up the entire process all at once.
    • The increase in combat values per research level has been reduced for all units.
      • The damage values of units will now increase by a smaller factor per research level ( instead of doubling, these values will only increase by a factor of 1.6 per research level)
      • The overall increase in health points per research level was reduced. While the increase per research level was lowered, the starting health values have been raised slightly in order to compensate for this.
    • Devastating epic units that are only available for research on day 8+ will now only have one level of research. This change was made in order to better reflect the fact that these units are at the cutting edge of technological feasibility and have very little room for further improvement as of now.
    • The maximum number of insurgents has been reduced for medium nations and is capped at a maximum of two. In addition there will be no more insurgencies in mountainous terrain.
    • The amount of conscripts at the start of a map has been drastically reduced. This will speed up progress in the very early stages of the game and add value to the first units a player produces.
    • Several province connections have been improved.


    • Due to popular demand the signaleer corps has been given general orders to double their efforts of providing detailed battle reports in order to supply their commanding officers with additional information. The front report will now include a list of units that were lost in battle as well as a button that will directly show the location where a battle took place at.
    • The option to use landscape mode on tablets has been integrated into the game. From now on you can enjoy the comfort of larger tablet screens and touch screen commands both horizontally and vertically.
    • The advisor has received new orders from high command and will now provide additional tasks in order to assure that new commanders will be up to standard so they can hold their own on the battlefield.

    Bug fixes:

    • A bug has been fixed that caused the option of using arrow keys to cycle between provinces and armies to not work as intended.
    • An issue was resolved that could cause units to be displayed in front of resource icons, but behind other labels on the map. Resource icons are now correctly displayed in front of units, like other labels on the map.

    We hope you will enjoy the great military reform that is being introduced as well as the bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Now is the time to quickly adapt your strategies and tactics in order to gain the upper hand over your enemies. Best of luck general, now prove yourself on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Some really interesting changes here! I think I like the direction that you are going in. I do think the damage was maybe adjusted a bit to low making combat last a long time, but I need to play a bit more.

    Also something I noticed on a new map of Empires at War, why does France not start with any double Fabric provinces? I think all nations are supposed to start with at least one double resource province of each type.

  • I agree with what you say about France and also that the fights should last a little longer, but not that way, why not make it possible to play games at 150? See more?

    "Quand je suis sur le champ de bataille...j'aime cela d'avantage que d’être chez moi."Khalid Ibn Walid:thumbup::thumbup:

    "When I'm on the battlefield...I like it more than being at home." Khalid Ibn Walid:thumbup::thumbup: