[Importantly]For Make A Better Community !!

  • Hello everyone:!::!:

    I already want to specify that I'm a new player (I've been playing this game since 45 days +/-) but I noticed that the founders of the game did not create a discordant group therefore, I thought of inviting you to create a community, it would be even better if members of the staff can join us to cooperate etc.... I already had a discord group between friends that I met during games, we are 21 active, if you want to join us, welcome!

    Don't hesitate to write me, I won't eat you and if you have ideas to improve things/servers, you can send me a message in private or below my message.




    "Quand je suis sur le champ de bataille...j'aime cela d'avantage que d’être chez moi."Khalid Ibn Walid:thumbup::thumbup:

    "When I'm on the battlefield...I like it more than being at home." Khalid Ibn Walid:thumbup::thumbup:

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