FIX for Units Frozen in Big Maps

  • Many time units especially ships will get frozen on what is known as the 'time line' on these big maps…2650034626600/unknown.png

    For players that run into this issue of units getting Frozen to fix this issue it is possible to click on any other unit of same type (cruiser, sub, BS etc...), use curser arrows to scroll thru such unit until STUCK unit or stack is found, zoom in or out and then give it a new move order to UN-FREEZE this unit(s)... this is a fix players can use themselves without having to wait up to 72 hours to have GO reset the units to get them unfrozen..

    Usually this happens on the Time line from Alaska down to Australia, but it is same fix any time it happens anywhere on a map.

    Good Luck and Have Fun

    Embrace your true nature , enjoy games and have fun!

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  • Actually, technically, it's not a time line like the international date line. What it is, in fact is the STITCH line where developers stitched the map together graphically to form a map larger than could be used graphically on the system or displays that they were initially developed on. We had to do this many times for various images especially if stretched out over a screen that was 1:3 aspect ratio.