[S1] Release Notes 2020-12-22

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    Attention, Generals!

    Today we released some additional changes in Supremacy 1: The Great War that will affect any new game round you join after today’s release. The speed factor of the tutorial map was adjusted to 2 times the speed of normal gamerounds, to provide new players the best conditions to learn the game and don’t get overwhelmed. Other changes that affect all maps are designed to improve the game pacing in later phases of the game. Due to less overabundance of resources and adjusted research availabilities you are now required to make significant decisions on your strategy. Do you research new units, upgrade existing ones or develop your economy?

    Please take a look at the list below for a complete overview of today’s changes:

    Tutorial map (Europe 1914):

    • The speed factor of the Europe 1914 map was reduced from 4x to 2x the speed of normal game rounds to not overwhelm new players.
    • The Europe 1914 map now ends after 30 in-game days instead of 16 in-game days .


    • The province upkeep costs were increased by ~25%
    • The province production at the beginning of a game round was increased from 60% to 70% of its full potential.
    • The unit upkeep costs include all resource types now and were increased in general.
    • AI nations are active earlier in game rounds now.
    • AI countries are more likely to attack defended provinces now.
    • Level 3 infrastructures and banks got their bonuses reduced from 200% to 150%
    • Aircraft trucks, Anti Air units and units of the Artillery category lost their ability to conquer a province.
    • The day of availability to research units was adjusted to match the slower economic growth and to allow players to choose whether to research new levels or upgrade existing units. (Research times are unchanged.)

    We hope you like these changes and wish you all the best on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team

  • Arcorian

    Changed the title of the thread from “Release Notes 2020-12-22” to “[S1] Release Notes 2020-12-22”.
  • Conscripts/Militia are just far to powerful in Defence! ICompared to infantry and Heavy Tanks it just does not make sense. Spoils the game. Howitzer before Field Gun in Research Tree is spoils game play and historically inaccurate. Players field Howitzers as if they are cheap as chips, when they are a valuable asset

  • Hi Erich, thanks for the feedback!

    We're still in the process of evaluating the balancing changes on the grand scale so every bit of long term player feedback is very welcome.