[S1] Quality over Quantity! - Release Notes

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    Release Notes - 2021-01-12

    Attention, Generals!

    In today’s update for Supremacy 1 we readdress the changes made in our last update titled The Great Reform and adjust the performance of units accordingly. Conscripts will see their overall versatility reduced while Artillery will become a more priced asset of their army commanders. In addition to balancing changes we will also fix some minor bugs.

    For a complete overview of today’s release, please check the list below:


    • Players will now have the option to acquire resource bundles in exchange for Gold within the shop. These are only available on the map they have been purchased from. Players who want to boost their economy will find these bundles to be more lucrative than buying the respective amount of resources on the market individually.


    • Conscripts have been found to be too versatile and generally overperforming following our last big balancing update, hence they will receive some nerfs to better align their usefulness on the battlefield with their intended role.
      • The resource upkeep of Conscripts will be removed entirely in order to allow players to focus on the recruitment of more advanced units and to build up their economy.
      • The money upkeep of Conscripts will be increased to compensate for their removed resource upkeep.
      • The damage of Conscripts will be reduced when defending as they were overperforming in this regard when compared to their upkeep.
      • The time it takes for new Conscripts to spawn will be significantly increased on the world map and see a slight increase in the tutorial.
    • Artillery units have also seen significant use by players and were too good in comparison to their cost and early availability and will therefore be subject to the following changes:
      • All artillery units will have their production times increased in order to restrain their use in large numbers early on and to better represent their value on the battlefield.
      • All artillery units will have their overall hit points reduced. This will make it easier to remove them from the battlefield once the appropriate counter units have been deployed.
    • The overall number of conscripts available at the start of a map has been significantly reduced. This should result in more diverse starts to a map and give more value to the first units produced by players.
    • The willingness of AI nations to go on the offensive against declared enemies and issue attack orders to their forces has been increased slightly.
    • The upkeep growth of units when unlocking more advanced levels has been reduced. This means a level 4 Infantry unit will still require more upkeep than a level 2 Infantry unit, but it will be more viable to field fewer elite units in contrast to flooding the front lines with ill-trained hordes.
    • The resource gain on the tutorial map will be subject to change. While the overall amount of production will remain the same, the production values of food, metal and chemicals will increase, while tools, supplies and fabrics will be available in lower quantities. This allows players to focus on recruiting more early game units and get accustomed to the games dynamics.

    Bug fixes:

    • Upgrading units caused their active fire control orders to be reset. This is no longer the case as all orders will be kept and executed after the upgrading process is done.
    • A bug that caused the chat window to immediately jump to the newest message as soon as one has been received has been fixed. You will now be able to read up on older chat messages without having to scroll back up multiple times if you are in an active conversation.

    We hope you will enjoy the balancing changes that are being introduced in today’s update as well as the bug fixes. Now is the time to prove that you have the strategic expertise required to turn a regiment of conscripts into an army of elites and turn few provinces into a global Superpower.

    Best of luck general, see you on the battlefield!

    Your Bytro Team