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    Greetings, Generals!

    Are you willing to serve the community on the Frontlines? We are looking for English Moderators to join the ranks of the volunteer community support team.

    Do you love helping others? Do you revel in solving problems and ensure a pleassant environment for the community to communicate? Are you a team player that strives to support the community to the best of your ability? If you answered yes to any or all those questions, then we look forward to you getting in touch with us.

    We are looking for active players to join the English moderator squad of the international volunteer team! This means responding to player questions and problems in chat and forums with the goal of improving morale, provide a pleasant environment for the players to communicate and getting our players' troops back into the fight. Be it gameplay questions, moderating or player feedback, you will be responsible for addressing these issues with the help and in communication with your team and Bytro to support players everywhere.

    Next to being able to help others, joining will also give you the opportunity to take a glimpse behind the curtain of how Bytro works and talk to the team directly. And who knows, there might be other incentives as well…

    You are interested and meet the requirements (look below for the full list) but aren’t sure if you have what it takes? Don’t worry, once you are a part of the team we will help you to learn what it takes to be a great moderator.

    What would the role of a moderator involve?

    • Be active in chat and forums
    • Support players if they have questions in the game chat or on the forums
    • Secure TOS, forum rules and chat rules.
    • Participation in team meetings.
    • Information exchange via internal forums, PM and Discord.

    You are interested? What are you waiting for? Send a forum PM with the subject "English MOD Application" to @Arcorian and @Slyx (Please add both to the conversation) containing the following information and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

    • Why do you want to become a Moderator?
    • Do you have previous experience as a Moderator?
    • How well do you know the game mechanics? How long have you been playing the game?
    • Why should we select you?
    • Age?
    • Any additional information you would like to share


    • At least 18 years old
    • Ability to communicate with users in a professional and mature manner, work in a team and willingness to learn
    • Game experience and have a good understanding of game mechanics
    • Regular activity in chat, forums and the game
    • Native English speaker
    • Impeccable grammar and spelling
    • You have a Discord account
    • Having fun what we do
  • Arcorian

  • Greetings - I am interested in becoming an Iron Order chat moderator.

    • Why do you want to become a Moderator?
      For the same reasons I became an S1914 chat mod: I enjoy answering questions about the game and already do it anyways. Being a chat mod will give me the authority to do something when people are abusive to others.

    • Do you have previous experience as a Moderator?
      I have a good deal of experience for the position in and out of the game. I am currently an S1914 chat mod as well as Discord mod for both S1914 and Iron Order.

    • How well do you know the game mechanics? How long have you been playing the game?
      I was an Alpha tester for the game and joined on the first day the game became publicly available.

    • Why should we select you?
      I am highly experienced, have a proven positive track record, am generally easy to get along with, and generally liked by those in the community who I've interacted with. In my real life roles I have a great deal of experience from my management positions (at all levels of management) in de-escalation of issues, change management, and customer service. In short, I believe I am a positive 'face' for Bytro, and do a good job achieving the goals the company desires in it's moderator personnel.

    • Age?
      Well past majority and older than most of the existing staff. I am happy to answer this in a non-public forum if needed.

    • Any additional information you would like to share
      I enjoy the games and like helping to make the gaming environment a pleasant and fun place. Thank you for your consideration.