[S1] Release Notes - 2020-01-26

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    Attention, Generals!

    In line with our recent balance changes that affected almost all units today’s update will introduce a new aspect to the unit interface. From now on players will be able to easily identify a unit's overall strengths and weaknesses, as well as it’s intended role on the battlefield by taking a quick glimpse at its respective information tab. Additionally the option to manually adjust the graphic settings has been made available including a “low” setting that will be less demanding for low-end devices.

    For a full overview of all features and bug fixes see the list below:


    • A new unit rating system has been implemented to make it easier to identify strengths and weaknesses along with the general role a unit is supposed to fulfill on the battlefield.
      • Offensive capabilities, hitpoints or movement speed along others, will be rated using a simple but efficient star rating. While a 1 star hitpoint rating will indicate severe fragility, a 5 star offensive rating will immediately let you know you’re looking at a unit fielding devastating firepower.
      • Different unit classes that are also displayed in the unit information tab will give you additional information about their intended role, making it easier to evaluate how and where best to use them. The “Guard” class promises strong defensive capabilities and staying power while a unit of the “Assault” class will be able to deal heavy blows to any defender, being quite vulnerable to attacks themselves however.
      • As an overall indicator of power each unit will show a respective power level on its unit card, taking into account all aspects of the game. An ill trained conscript will have a rating in the low 50s while a super heavy tank claddened in armor and bristling with guns could reach a rating of over 600!
    • True to their historical role as tactical anchor points for locally operating infantry units machine gun squads will now be able to dig in. This will further boost their defensive capabilities but render them immobilized for as long as they remain in this mode. Commanders will have to manually issue orders to dig in or get moving again. Be aware that machine guns will be very vulnerable and offer little resistance if attacked while on the march, as they will not be able to make use of their heavy weapons.
    • Users will now be able to freely choose which graphics setting they would like to use. If you don’t like the automatically applied mode you can always change it in the settings menu. Please be aware that choosing a more demanding setting than the automatically applied one may cause performance issues.
    • From now on, epic units will have to be unlocked account wide before their devastating firepower can be utilized on the battlefield. Once these units have been unlocked, they will be permanently available for all future game rounds. This includes the Railroad Gun, Giant Bomber and the Battleship. Players can acquire the necessary amount of Gold by finishing the tutorial completing advisor tasks, or by placing within the top 3 of game rounds. This will give players further incentive to keep refining their skills and reward their efforts!


    • Upon conquering a province the existing buildings will take more damage than before. As of yet the local Infrastructure was rarely devastated even after heavy fighting which did not properly reflect the reality of war. Make sure to invest the required resources in freshly conquered provinces to get them to an operational state before pushing your frontlines further into enemy territory.
    • The Weapons Lab will be removed entirely. After finishing their research step epic units will only require their respective branches’ production building in order to start production.
    • The cost of boosting morale in friendly provinces has been reduced.
    • The cost of reinforcing damaged units has been reduced.

    Bug fixes:

    • In case a production building was partially damaged during an ongoing production the remaining production time was still displayed along with the option to speed up the process. While the production was stopped and the speed up was not clickable, this still caused some confusion and has been fixed.
    • A bug has been fixed that caused tethered balloons to merge with ground units in case they were produced in a province where a balloon was already deployed.
    • In cases where enemy long range artillery units were positioned outside one’s own view range the bombardment indicator and animation were not displayed. This led to confusing situations where units took damage without a clear indication as to why it was happening. This is now fixed.

    We hope you’re as excited for today's changes as we are, giving clear purpose to all units and streamlining decision making processes. Along with changes to the graphic settings and bug changes we’re really happy to present you today’s update and are looking forward to your feedback!

    Best of luck General, now make ready to fight for global dominance!

    Your Bytro Team